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How Are You Doing with that Resolution?

My yoga class is still packed. But I’ve noticed that the gym is a little emptier than it was a few weeks ago. And the grocery store is often sold out of my favorite cookies. According to U.S. News and World Report, by the 2nd week in February, 80 percent of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions.

How about you? Are you still journaling every morning, writing 500 words a day on your new book project, or blogging weekly? If so, YAY!

If not: don’t worry! You can start again.

Restart your New Year tomorrow—it’s a new day. Or Monday—it’s a brand new week. Or launch your new resolutions by celebrating Chinese New Year on February 5th.

But how do you make sure your New Year’s resolutions stick? Earlier this month, I wrote an article about the five biggest resolution mistakes we make and how to fix them.

Here are the top two tools you can use to fast track your success:

Take small steps

Break that resolution into tiny steps and schedule those steps in your calendar. Then show up and do them! If you still are struggling, then your steps might not be small enough!

Get support

Don’t go it alone. Find a coach, accountability partner or friend to check in with every week.


Are you hoping to write?

And if one of your goals is to write, then I can help you. Next Tuesday, I’m teaching a class called, Core Practices to Complete Writing Projects. In that class, I will be revealing all 15 of the core practices that I have used to write more than 11 published books and hundreds of articles. In addition, I will be providing you with concrete action steps that you can take right now and tools to adapt each practice for your own life. And if you attend live, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about your own writing struggles. At just $30, this class offers a great value to you. You can sign up here.


And if you need more ongoing support, consider applying to be a part of the Writing Goddesses group. The Writing Goddesses group is a safe space where you can present your writing, share your questions, and get help for your writing challenges.Every week, you will have an opportunity to receive feedback on your work from the coach and group members. We will also read and discuss a helpful book on writing. As needed, members will receive coaching around common challenges writers face such as finding time to write, overcoming writer’s block, and staying accountable. You can learn more here.

If you have any questions about these programs, send me an email ( or set up a consultation.

Happy writing!

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