Books to Inspire Activism

Writers@Work: Books to Inspire Activism “What inspires you?” I often ask friends and writers that question. Today, I’ve invited two writing friends to join me in talking about the poetry, essays, and books that inspired our books. And here’s the best part: you could win all three of our books!... Read More

How a School Assignment Became a Book

November 16, 2021   Note From Rochelle   Dear Writers, Today’s tip features one of my clients, Shivani Ganeshan, who wrote her first book at ten (!), and then worked hard to revise and publish it. Shivani’s process reminds me: Write what you are passionate about reading. You’ll have more... Read More

How to Juggle Multiple Tasks

November 9, 2021     Note From Rochelle     Dear Writers,   I’m taking a bunch of time off over the holidays—yay! So if you need to schedule a consultation or a session—get it on the calendar now! Here’s the link:   Today’s tip is the fifth in... Read More

How I Sold My Book

November 2, 2021     Note From Rochelle     Dear Writers,   I’ve been “out” on tour for the book. I’ll be sharing those links with you as they become available. I was delighted to be interviewed by Carol Paur for her Talking to Myself  YouTube show. Today I... Read More

From Poem to Picture Book

October 26, 2021     Note From Rochelle     Dear Writers,   Greetings!   If you are a teacher or know a teacher, I’m celebrating the National Day On Writing by raffling off three virtual classroom visits. Please check out the post on my blog and share with your... Read More
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