Why Write a Book?

September 18, 2018     Note From Rochelle   Dear Writers, Do you have a story to tell? What’s stopping you from writing your book? Most of my clients put off writing their book because they’re afraid. They worry about how to write the book or what publishing path to... Read More

Writers@Work: Thriving Despite

August 28, 2018   Note From Rochelle   Dear Readers,   I’m offering a brand new workshop this fall: How a Book Can Boost Your Business (and it won’t cost you a thing!) If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll want to set aside time on September 12 at 5:00 PM to... Read More

Writers@Work: Branding for Authors

August 21, 2018   Note From Rochelle   Dear Writers, I’ll be announcing my fall classes later this week. Until then, if you have been blogging, speaking, or teaching for some time—you may have already written enough content for a book! Consider purchasing my class, Leverage Your Content: How to... Read More
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