Writers@Work: Writing a Biography

An Interview with Amy T. Waldman Welcome, Amy! Tell us about your new book, We Had Fun and Nobody Died. Hi, Rochelle! Thanks so much for having me! The book’s subtitle is “The Adventures of a Milwaukee Music Promoter,” and it’s the story of how a socially awkward introvert grows... Read More

How to Choose a Book Idea

by Rochelle Melander How do you choose which book idea to write? In the past week, I’ve talked to three people about their book projects. Each person had multiple book ideas to choose from. For each of them, the question was, “Which book do I write first?” I know how... Read More

Reframe Blocks

by Rochelle Melander If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original. – Ken Robinson What do you do when you have a project that seems to be going nowhere? How do we work with feeling stuck? In the book Designing Your Life, authors Bill... Read More

Writers@Work: Writing on the (IN)Side

An Interview with Kelly James Tell us about your new book, The Book That (Almost) Got Me Fired. I call it a “midlife memoir.” It’s about when I decided to return to corporate America after being a fulltime freelancer/ghostwriter, and stay-at-home parent, for 22 years. What are the benefits and challenges... Read More

Keep Working On It

by Rochelle Melander We studied Paul Klee’s painting Senecio. The children drew a picture of themselves with a Sharpie. Then they layered the drawing with tissue paper, dabbing water on it to make it bleed. Some children discovered that if they dipped their paper in water, they could direct the... Read More

Turn Worry into Wonder

He could waste an hour’s good sleep worrying and be no wiser for it. —Geraldine Brooks (Horse, p. 84) Are you a worrier—filling your empty moments with “what ifs” about things that may never happen? Do you worry about your creative projects—will they sell, will they be successful, will people... Read More

Adopt a Positive Mantra

by Rochelle Melander Always remember, your focus determines your reality. – George Lucas Have you noticed the pop-up trend online? Many websites feature pop-up windows that invite the user to sign up for a newsletter or a coupon. This pop-up phenomenon reminds me of my brain. When I’m writing, taking... Read More
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