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  • Are you struggling to make time to write or revise your book?
  • Have you written a book but feel confused by the many opportunities in publishing?
  • Are you overwhelmed by social media and not sure how to stand out?

I can help. I’m a certified professional coach with nearly 20 years experience in publishing, both as an author and editor. I’m the bestselling author of ten traditionally published books, including, Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days and Live to Tell About It. I teach regularly at schools, libraries, and conferences. You can read testimonials about my work here.

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Coaching Programs

Welcome! At Write Now! Coach we have several programs to help you overcome writer’s block, finish your book, and connect with readers through social media.

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Individual Coaching

Do you experience writer’s block or struggle to find time to write? A one-on-one session can provide immediate solutions and help you move forward fast!

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Write Now! Workshop

Learn how creating a book could help you connect with new clients, earn more money, and build buzz for your business!


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Write-A-Thon Groups

Do you worry your work is not good enough? You’ll get helpful feedback and support from your coach and colleagues at my Writing Coaching Groups!

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