Coaching Groups

Do you want to write that book?

Are you struggling to:

  • Create a writing schedule and stick to it
  • Overcome procrastination and show up to write
  • Defeat distraction and focus
  • Push through writer’s block and write anything
  • Finish the work you start


Consider joining one of my accountability groups. 

We get more done when we state our goals and stay accountable to another person or a group of people. In a study done by The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), people increased their chances of success by 95 percent when they kept an accountability appointment with someone who knew their goals.

That’s why I started these groups–because I want you to succeed at telling your story.

Each of my groups offer:

  • Strategies to overcome procrastination, distraction, and writer’s block.
  • Tools for focusing and sustaining your attention.
  • Personalized feedback from an ADHD trained coach.
  • Support from colleagues.

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Are you ready?

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Weekly Writing Accountability Group

I’m trying out a new thing!

This summer I am offering a weekly writing accountability group. This is designed for people who are working on a writing project and need regular check in. Each week, we’ll talk about strategies to help you move forward. We’ll spend time talking about each of our projects and help each other brainstorm through our challenges. Together we’ll get work done! Yay!




The Writing Accountability Group

This group is ideal for people who struggle to:

  • Ignore distractions
  • Manage their writing schedule
  • Focus on writing
  • Finish projects
  • Write when they say they will

The Write Now! Coach Writing Accountability Group is a safe space where you can ask your questions, get help for your writing challenges, and celebrate your wins. In these sessions, you will:

  • Commit to a goal and stay accountable to your coach and group members.
  • Learn tools for overcoming distractions, maintaining your focus, and finishing tasks.
  • Receive support from and provide encouragement for coaching group members.

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The Writing Goddesses Group

This coaching group is ideal for you if you are:

  • Currently writing a book or series of articles
  • Need accountability to get writing done
  • Would love supportive feedback from a group
  • Need support to overcome blocks, stick to your schedule, and focus

What you get:

We meet five times over the course of ten weeks. Every week, you will have an opportunity to receive feedback on your work from Write Now! Coach Rochelle Melander and group members. We will also read and discuss a helpful book on writing.

During our sessions, members receive individual coaching around common challenges writers face such as finding time to write, overcoming writer’s block, and staying accountable.

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