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Leverage Your Content:

How to Create a Book from Articles, Blog Posts, and Speeches


Have you considered how a book could boost your business?

A book can:

  1. Increase your credibility
  2. Teach potential clients about you and your work
  3. Build trust with your audience
  4. Educate and inspire your readers
  5. Attract new clients
  6. Increase brand loyalty
  7. Build buzz for you and your business
  8. Access influential leaders
  9. Capture media attention
  10. Earn more money


So what’s stopping you?

Perhaps you feel confused about:

+where to start

+what to write about

+how to organize your ideas


Imagine this:

What if you woke up one morning to discover that you’d already created your book content? 

I’m not delusional. No doubt you’ve written blog posts, newsletter articles, programs and speeches.

If that’s you, then you have everything you need to create a book. All you have to do is assemble and polish it.


In my class, Leverage Your Content: How to Create a Book from Articles, Blog Posts, and Speeches, you will learn how you can take your most popular writing and turn it into a book that will boost your business.

You will learn how to:

+Select the content that resonates the most with your market 

+Discover the book structures that will allow your content to shine

+Revise and update your existing content to make it extraordinarily valuable


What participants have to say about my classes and coaching:

Here’s what my students have to say about my classes and coaching:

When I retired, I knew that I wanted to write.  I wanted to be more intentional and maybe eventually be published, but I did not know where to start and how the process worked. I knew that I needed a professional to guide me and help me be a better writer. Thanks to Rochelle, instead of being overwhelmed with a myriad of websites offering self-publishing and how-to, she cut to the chase and provided the best information for writing my book. So, if you are interested in using a professional writing coach and editor and someone who understands the writing business, I whole-heartedly recommend Rochelle Melander.

— R. Dailey Taylor

Rochelle helped me clarify my goals and eliminate extraneous concerns and distractions that had become obstacles as I began my book. She is generous with her time and advice and is an enthusiastic coach!

— Diane Angelucci, Freelance Writer

Just three years ago, I had entered the maze-like arena to find my own way as a freelance writer. I didn’t have a brand or even a website. I had one book in the bag from a traditional publisher, but I didn’t know what steps to take to launch a career. I had heard from a friend that Rochelle worked with writers. Honestly, I was skeptical—what could she teach me that I already didn’t know? I was wrong. Rochelle is not only a capable writing coach, she also helped me rethink the goals I wanted to achieve. She gave me simple, step-by-step instructions to initiate a plan of action to realize my brand.

— Daniel D. Maurer, Sobriety: A Graphic Novel (Hazelden, 2014)

Rochelle’s group coaching session helped me clearly articulate my writing goals for the summer, and how I would achieve them. Her diagnostic questions were valuable as they helped me sort out difficulties I was having with writing.

— Sandra Somers


Make this the year you write and publish your book. 

Are you ready?

Sign up for Leverage Your Content: How to Create a Book from Articles, Blog Posts, and Speeches and learn everything you need to know to turn your most engaging work into a book that your fans will rave about.

When and Where:

When: May 31, 2018 at 1:00-2:15 PM CT

Where: Zoom

Fee: $25

In addition to the class, you will receive:

+A recording of the class

+Worksheets on choosing a hot book topic and creating a book structure

What are you waiting for?

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