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Writing and ADHD Workshops

I’m really glad I took that course. In addition to struggling with my inner-critic, I always, always wonder, “what is everyone else doing that I’m not? Thank you for being you, being relentless in your emails and courses and tips and advice. It’s not just the writing advice, it’s the example you set!

—Don Kowalewski Ghost-Writer/Blogger

Write Now! Coach Workshops

Do you want to write but struggle with the “how”?  You might be asking:

+How do I find time to write?

+How do I overcome procrastination?

+How do I deal with distraction?

+How can I move forward when I’m afraid?

+How do I focus?

I can answer those questions for you…either through an individual consultation or at a workshop.


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Why Write a Book?

I was working on a nonfiction book for my clients, when I happened upon an article that said that nonfiction books are dead. Thanks to AI, we can forget about writing new books.

But the world needs your stories. They need your amazing advice and processes and tools for getting through the day. And yes, you could absolutely put that in a podcast or video or workshop. But people like having a book to curl up with. Or to just sit on their shelf until they are ready for you.

Come to my class, Why Write a Book, and learn:

+Why writing a book can be a good business move.

+How a book can support your work.

+What you need to include in your book to make it competitive in this market.

+Many ways to use your book to boost your business.

The class will be held Wednesday, September 4, 2024 at 5:00 PM CT (Think Chicago) The cost is just $10.

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Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing

Are you a writer who puts of writing until you: 

  • Have more time or a big block of time
  • Know more about the topic
  • Feel inspired to sit down and write
  • Have the perfect outline
  • Get closer to the deadline

You don’t have to do that anymore. Procrastination isn’t a trait. It’s not how you are. It’s a habit you can break.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • The myths about procrastination
  • The six types of procrastinators
  • Tools for overcoming procrastination

And before the class is over, you will take a concrete step toward overcoming procrastination.

The class will be held Wednesday, September 11, 2024 at 1:00 PM CT. (Think Chicago)

The fee for this class is just $10.

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Purchase a Recorded Workshop!

The following workshops are available for purchase:

Publishing Paths
The publishing world has changed tremendously in the last ten years. Publishing used to be simple. Either authors worked with a traditional publisher or went through a vanity house. Today there are dozens of options to choose from, whether you are planning to pursue traditional publishing or indie publishing. This class will give you an overview of different options and help you decide which option is right for you. Order Now

Overcome Procrastination and Fear to Write Now!

Do you want to write a story that will transform lives, but you’re struggling to get past blocks? This short course will help you deal with getting and being stuck due to writer’s block, procrastination, and fear. In Module 1, we looked at the common causes of procrastination, writer’s block and fear. In Module 2, we used EFT (tapping) to clear out fear, anxiety, and other emotional reasons underlying procrastination. Click here to learn more: PROCRASTINATION.

Journaling to Vision Workshop

Do you need time to reflect on the past and plan for the future? I am offering a journaling to vision workshop. You’ll complete several journaling exercises to assess your year, express gratitude, and imagine your future. Click here to learn more: JOURNALING

Gameify Your Writing Life

This class will teach you how games can help you improve your life! I talk about why games are an effective tool for self improvement and how you can use game technology to write more. Before the class is over, you’ll be ready to tackle your next quest and get that epic win! Click here to learn more: GAMEIFY.

How to Blog a Book

I’ve written books in many ways—on assignment, with tight deadlines; alone, without a deadline or an editor; and by blogging chapters over a several year period. I learned a lot from every single process, but found much to love about blogging a book. I look forward to sharing it all with you at my class, How to Blog a Book! Click here to learn more: BLOG

Procrastination Proof Your Writing Life

My clients and readers have been begging me to address their most common obstacle: procrastination. If you struggle with procrastination—and who doesn’t—Procrastination Proof Your Writing Life will support you in taking the steps you need to overcome your procrastination and write more. Learn a system for getting work done without the drama. Click here to learn more: PROOF

Core Practices for Completing Writing Projects

I have developed practices that have helped me write twelve published books, several soon-to-be published books, a few novels sitting on the shelf, and ten years of blog posts! This class will help you overcome schedule challenges, procrastination, and writer’s block so that you can finish the writing you start. Learn the key practices that help writers start and finish writing projects. Click here to learn more: CORE

Maximize Your Content: How to Create a Book from Blog Posts, Speeches, or Articles

This class will teach you how to take your most popular writing and turn it into a book that will boost your business or build your brand. This workshop is especially good for professionals, speakers, and coaches who have already created a lot of content and want to compile it into a book—but don’t know how. Learn the steps to take your speeches, blog posts, and other content and turn them into books that your clients will love! Click here to learn more: MAXIMIZE

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