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I’m really glad I took that course. In addition to struggling with my inner-critic, I always, always wonder, “what is everyone else doing that I’m not? Thank you for being you, being relentless in your emails and courses and tips and advice. It’s not just the writing advice, it’s the example you set! 

—Don Kowalewski Ghost-Writer/Blogger

Write Now! Coach Workshops

Do you want to write a book or begin blogging but struggle with the “how”? There’s just so much to figure out! You might be asking:

+How do I find time to write?

+How do I overcome procrastination?

+How can I create a book faster and easier?

+How can I use my book to boost my business?

+What publishing solution is right for me?

+How do I build my platform?


I can answer those questions for you.

Write Now! Coach Workshops will help you find the answers you need—quickly and easily.


Current Workshops

My clients and readers have been begging me to address their most common obstacle: procrastination. They wonder:

  • Can I get my work done without drama?
  • Are there tools that can help me?
  • Will I be able to overcome this? 

The answer is YES!

  • Yes, you can get work done without drama!
  • Yes, there are tools to help you.
  • And yes, you can overcome this–step by step.

In May, I’m offering my workshop Procrastination Proof Your Writing Life as my gift to you.

Visit the Procrastination Proof website page to register.


Recorded Workshops

The following workshops are available for purchase:

Core Practices for Completing Writing Projects

Learn the key practices that help writers start and finish writing projects.

Maximize Your Content: How to Create a Book from Blog Posts, Speeches, or Articles,  learn the steps to take your speeches, blog posts, and other content and turn them into books that your clients will love!

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