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Procrastination Proof Your Writing Life


Procrastination Proof Your Writing Life

Wouldn’t it be amazing to finish writing your book this year?

Or start your blog? Or pen that poem?

Wouldn’t it be great to finish your projects on time,

without drama?

You can.

Do you struggle with procrastination?

Do you put off working on your writing projects until you:

  • Know more
  • Feel less afraid
  • Are inspired
  • Have more time
  • Feel motivated

You’re not alone.

One in five people struggle with procrastination. They repeatedly:

  • Postpone working on their writing and do busy work instead
  • Get distracted by mindless occupations (hello, Facebook!)
  • Underestimate how long it will take to do a task
  • Panic at the thought of their looming deadline
  • Have to rush to finish work on time

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You do not have to struggle.


Purchase my class: Procrastination Proof Your Writing Life

You will learn:

  • The different types of procrastinators–are you a dreamer, defier or perfectionist?
  • The situations that tend to trigger procrastination (so that you can avoid them)
  • How do develop a mindset that will help you overcome procrastination
  • The habits you can use to stop procrastinating
  • The tools you can use to get work done

Sounds amazing, right?


Procrastination Proof Your Writing Life


Procrastination Proof Your Life

Purchase Procrastination Proof Your Writing Life, and get stuff done this year:


Here’s what you get:

+The recorded Zoom class.

+An outline of the class.

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