ADHD Coaching

Do you need support for your ADHD?

Coaching can help.

When you have tasks to complete at work or school, do you:

  • Have difficulty getting started
  • Struggle to focus
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Procrastinate
  • Avoid finishing tasks
  • Forget key information

Coaching can help you address these challenges. In my approach to ADHD coaching, I invite you to put on your scientist hat and investigate your life. We talk about your experience of ADHD. What do you know about how ADHD shows up in your life? What are your executive function strengths and weaknesses?

We talk about your specific struggles—what isn’t working. We discuss how you approach the tasks you excel at. We examine how you use your strengths and unique approach to succeed.

Then we figure out how you can use those same strengths to overcome challenges and succeed at school or work. I work with you to find creative tools to help you ditch distraction, focus, and finish your work! Not every tool will work—so we will play with tools and approaches until we find a plan that helps you succeed.

I work with both individuals and groups. If you’re interested in talking about how I can help you, sign up for a complementary consultation.

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The I Just Need to Talk Session

This coaching session is ideal for you if you need to:

  • Discover your strengths
  • Discuss your struggles with school or work
  • Develop a skill or tool for dealing with one challenge

What you get:

  • 1 45-minute session

Let’s do this!


The “Can you help with my paper?” Session

This session is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve got an essay, paper, or other writing project to complete.
  • You struggle to understand assignments.
  • You have difficulty organizing ideas.
  • You find “choosing” a topic to be hard.
  • You need regular writing accountability.

What you get:

  • 1 60-minute session to review your assignment and organize your ideas. We’ll also develop a writing schedule.
  • 2 reviews of your assignment: one at the halfway point and one before you turn it in. The coach’s feedback will be presented in written format.

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The ADHD Coaching Package

Almost no one can  create and implement a plan in a single session. Some of us need a little more time and support. This 7-session plan is ideal for clients who want to create strategies that consistently help you show up and do your work. The special introductory session will help you discover your strengths, explore your struggles, and set goals that are doable. The regular sessions will give you time to explore how you work best and what tools really help you.

This coaching packages is ideal for clients who:

  • Struggle to start and finish projects at school or work
  • Have difficulty overcoming distraction and focusing
  • Experience procrastination

What you get:

  • 1 60-minute intake session to review strengths, challenges, and goals
  • 6 45-minute sessions over the course of three months
  • Email check-in each week, as needed

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The ADHD College Success Group

We get more done when we state our goals and stay accountable to another person or a group of people. In a study done by The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), people increased their chances of success by 95 percent when they kept an accountability appointment with someone who knew their goals.

That’s why I started these groups–because I want you to succeed

This group is ideal for students who struggle to:

  • Ignore distractions
  • Manage their schedule
  • Focus on school assignments
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Finish projects
  • Study when they say they will

Each of my groups offer:

  • Strategies to overcome procrastination and distraction.
  • Tools for focusing and sustaining your attention.
  • Personalized feedback from an ADHD trained coach.
  • Support from other students.
  • A weekly bonus co-studying session

Groups start in September! Check out the ADHD Coaching Group Page to learn more. Please contact me if you’re interested.