Always Write! Podcast

Always Write! Podcast Series

Most of my clients approach me with one question, “How do I get my book published?”

Everything about the publishing is overwhelming!

Writers have to know more and write better than ever to attract readers and make money.

Whether you choose to publish traditionally or delve into indie publishing, you need to write a great book and figure out how to connect with your readers.

You can try to learn about writing, publishing, and marketing your book on your own, or you can get help from the masters.

Listen to the Always Write! Podcast to learn from the top people in publishing.

Since the early days of the Always Write! Podcast through the years of the Write Now! Mastermind class, Rochelle has interviewed:

  • Internationally known authors from multiple genres who’ve published on a variety of platforms.
  • Publishing professionals—agents, book packagers, editors, and publicists.
  • Successful indie published writers.

In addition, Rochelle, the Write Now! Coach, has shared her wisdom as an editor, author, and book coach.

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