Rochelle Melander, ADHD & Writing Coach

Do you have a story to tell or an essay to write?  

  • Do you struggle with writer’s block, procrastination, or fear?
  • Are you overwhelmed by too many ideas and even more distractions?
  • Have you tried to write your book but don’t know how to organize your ideas?
  • Are you confused by all of the options for publishing and marketing?

I’ve got the answers you need.

As a writing coach, I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome distraction, learn how to focus, develop and stick to a writing schedule, and tell stories that transform lives.

I can help you, too

I work one-on-one with struggling writers, college students who need help writing essays, and adults hoping to write books.

Most of my other coaching takes place in groups, with just a few spots open for individual coaching. Contact me for a consultation.

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Write and Publish Your Book

Do you struggle to organize your ideas, find time to write, and overcome writer’s block? I can help you conquer these problems and move forward fast!


Write Now! Workshops


Learn about current/upcoming workshops on how to overcome procrastination, turn your blog into a book, and more!

ADHD Coaching

Do you struggle to stay focused and get stuff done? Do your family members think you’re lazy or just don’t care? Coaching can help you identify your strengths and develop a plan to overcome distractions and focus.


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With my support, you will clarify your writing goals, overcome obstacles, increase your productivity, finish projects, and find readers.