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Gameify Your Writing Life

Gameify Your Writing Life

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to approach your writing like it was an adventure?

What if you felt about writing the way you feel about playing games–that the challenge was delicious and you could overcome anything?

What would it be like to bring all of your gamefulness–your strengths, courage, and resources–to your writing life?


You can.

Level UpTo celebrate the promotion week for my new book, Level Up: Quests to Master Mindset, Overcome Procrastination, and Increase Productivity, I hosted a class designed to teach you how games can help you write more!

We talked about why games are an effective tool for self improvement and how you can use game technology to write more. The class will help you tackle your next quest and get that epic win!



Here’s what people are saying:

This class had a fun perspective and really useful tips and tools that we can use to achieve our writing goals. Thank-you for sharing your wisdom Rochelle.

—Angie Evans, Birthways International

A very informative class with lots of ideas to motivate and inspire one to get the writing done and make progress with productivity. I took loads of notes, but couldn’t write fast enough. I’m so thankful I had the foresight to purchase the book Level Up ahead of time. Now, I can hardly wait to dive into the book for lots more goodies.

—Julia Mozingo

Very motivating and inspiring! I love all the ideas given in the class, which will definitely jumpstart my stalled writing, my productivity.

—Class Member

I think I can finish editing the first draft of my book now that I have these new game-ified tools. Thank you Rochelle, so much.

—Raymonde Savoie

Gameify your way to Level Up your writing (and your life)!


Thanks to Rochelle for her ‘Gamify your writing’ workshop. Came across it completely by chance, attended and my writing experience has been completely changed by it. In the past I’ve had to drag myself to my writing, but since the workshop I seem to be finding my way through even challenging days with a lot more ease. And it’s fun! Highly recommend it if you get a chance.

—Simon Berkowitz

This class was well-thought out, and having the slides and outline was a tremendous help! Rochelle spoke well and has a real cheerleader spirit!

—Pamela Brackman

Wow Rochelle, you did a GREAT job with this workshop. I would encourage you to shop it around as much as possible to sell your book. I liked how clear, confident and humble you were and the concepts are very new to me and very needed in my life! Very well done!

—Tina Hart, Coaching with Hart

Here’s what you get:

+ The Zoom recording

+ A class outline

+A worksheet with exercises

The class is just $30.