Publishing Paths

Publishing Paths


Do you:

  • Want to publish your book but don’t know how?
  • Feel overwhelmed by all the choices?
  • Wonder what the difference is between traditional and indie publishing?


I can help!

Over my more than 20-year career in the writing and publishing industry, I have written more than 12 books and hundreds of articles. I have published traditionally with and without an agent. I have published independently. I have studied the market and understand what’s out there.


In this class, you will learn:

+The different publishing options: Traditional, Indie Publishing, and Informal Publishing.

+How to decide which publishing options are right for your book.

+What to consider before choosing a publishing path.

+The characteristics of a traditionally and independently published author.


Are you ready?

Purchase Publishing Paths, and make this year different. Learn the tools you need to start and complete your writing projects every time.


What you get:

  • The recorded Zoom class.
  • Publishing Paths Handout