Got Five Minutes? Write a Book!

January 25, 2022     Note From Rochelle   Dear Writers,   For years, I’ve coached individuals on how to blast through writer’s block. But I’ve never taught a class on it.   Until now.   This week, I am teaching a workshop to help you understand, diagnose, and overcome... Read More

The Curiosity List

By Rochelle Melander   Be curious, not judgmental. —Walt Whitman   How do you get your best ideas?   Rebecca Skloot became curious about the origin of HeLa cells in a high school science class and spent ten years researching and writing the bestselling book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta... Read More

Dream Like an Explorer

December 21. 2021     Note From Rochelle     Dear Writers,   In the New Year, I am offering two groups to help you get work done. The Writing Goddesses group gives you the opportunity to have your work read and commented on every other week by me and... Read More

Books to Inspire Activism

Writers@Work: Books to Inspire Activism “What inspires you?” I often ask friends and writers that question. Today, I’ve invited two writing friends to join me in talking about the poetry, essays, and books that inspired our books. And here’s the best part: you could win all three of our books!... Read More