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Many of my clients have joined critique groups hoping to get helpful feedback, information on publishing, and accountability. Instead, they’ve been criticized harshly, given misinformation, and left feeling discouraged. Some have even contemplated giving up writing.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

After years of hearing about clients suffering through toxic, unhelpful critique group experiences, I decided to create something unique and different.

The Write-A-Thon Critique group is a safe space where you can present your writing, share your questions, and get help for your writing challenges.

Every week, you will have an opportunity to receive feedback on your work from Write Now! Coach Rochelle Melander and group members. You will also learn helpful tools for finding time to write, overcoming writer’s block, and staying accountable. 



Hi, I’m Rochelle Melander.

As a master writing coach with 20 years’ experience, creator of the Write Now! Critique Group Program, and author of 10 traditionally published non-fiction books, I’m passionate about finished projects. Over the years, I have helped dozens of non-fiction writers finally organize, write, and sell their dream book project.

My clients are smart, proactive professionals who know the value of thought leadership to increase their status, visibility and income in their field of practice. They’re not afraid to devote valuable time daily to writing their blog, boosting their profile, or working on their large-scale book project. But they struggle to get started, organize their work, or keep up the momentum amid their busy lives. As professionals themselves, they also know the real value of hiring a professional to help them reach their goals.

Introducing my Write Now! Coach Critique Group Program

The Write Now! Coach Critique Group Program is my answer to the overwhelm, confusion and false starts that plague so many writers. Accountability is one of the most powerful ways writers achieve their goals. With the group coaching, you’ll have a real-life guide to advise you as you write. Plus, all the camaraderie of new friends on the very same journey.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my former students have to say about my coaching:

One of the highlights of my summer was participating in Rochelle Melander’s Write Now Coach Critique Group. The group gave excellent positive feedback, great suggestions when I got stuck, and made the writing process less lonely. Rochelle always brought encouraging words of wisdom to us as we began our group sessions, and I learned about the writing and publishing process. Whether you are a beginning writer or a published author, the Critique Group provides a supportive community and opportunities to grow as a writer and polish your craft. I have already signed up for the next group! Thanks Rochelle for this opportunity.

— Laura Wind

Rochelle helped me clarify my goals and eliminate extraneous concerns and distractions that had become obstacles as I began my book. She is generous with her time and advice and is an enthusiastic coach!

— Diane Angelucci, Freelance Writer

Rochelle’s group coaching session helped me clearly articulate my writing goals for the summer, and how I would achieve them. Her diagnostic questions were valuable as they helped me sort out difficulties I was having with writing.

— Sandra Somers


When and Where:

To be determined.

What are you waiting for?

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Silver Level

  • 5 group coaching calls (75 minutes)
  • Weekly group emails from the coach

Full Fee: $247     |     Two payments of $125

Payment Options:

Full Fee: $247


2  Payments of $125


Gold Level

Gold level participants get everything in the silver level and —

  • One-on-one private introductory session with coach (45 minutes)
  • Q + A bonus group session with the coach

Full Fee: $347     |     Two payments of $175

Payment Options:

Full Fee: $347


2 Payments of $175


Platinum Level

Platinum level participants get everything from the silver and gold levels PLUS:

  • Written feedback on 25 pages from the coach.
  • One-on-one private closing session with the coach (30 minutes)

Full Fee: $447     |     Two payments of $225

Payment Options:

Full Fee: $447


2 Payments of $225