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Write Now! Coach Announcement: Critique and Coaching Group

Hey readers!

I’m so excited about this summer’s critique and coaching group. A few years ago, I joined a critique group and shared my novel for children. My colleagues helped me shape my book into something I could sell. In addition, having the critique group deadline pushed me to work on my book, even though I didn’t have an agent or a publisher waiting for it.

I want you to have the same opportunity I had—a safe group that could help you shape your book into something you can sell. So I created the Write-A-Thon Critique and Coaching Group. This group is ideal for people who:

+Want to create a book from blog posts or essays and don’t know how to do it.

+Have started writing a book but don’t know if it works.

+Are working on a essay, short story, or book proposal but are worried it’s not good enough.


The Write-A-Thon Critique and Coaching Group will provide you with:

+Accountability to meet your writing goals (we’ll kick your butt, and you’ll write more!)

+Feedback on 25 pages of your current writing project

+Tools to help you evaluate your writing

+Support in overcoming writing blocks

+Encouragement from group members


As a master writing coach with 20 years’ experience, creator of the Write-A-Thon Critique and Coaching Group, and author of 10 traditionally published non-fiction books, I’m passionate about helping writers finish their projects. Over the years, I have helped dozens of non-fiction writers organize, write, and sell their dream book project.


Here’s what people are saying about my groups:


Rochelle helped me clarify my goals and eliminate extraneous concerns and distractions that had become obstacles as I began my book. She is generous with her time and advice and is an enthusiastic coach!

— Diane Angelucci, Freelance Writer


Rochelle’s group coaching session helped me articulate my clearly my writing goals for the summer, and how I would achieve them. Her diagnostic questions were valuable as they helped me sort out difficulties I was having with writing.

— Sandra Somers


The program starts next Wednesday, June 21. We meet at 5:00 PM CT via telephone conference call. I’ve got room for only 3 more participants—so if you’re interested, sign up soon. Here’s the link to the group coaching page.


And please, if you have any questions—don’t hesitate to contact me:


Write Now! Coach







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