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Announcing My New Workshop!


Hey Readers,


Do you struggle to get around to writing?

Do you procrastinate your biggest, most important projects?

Do you feel frustrated by how hard it is to get something written?


​​​​​​​Over my more than 20-year career in the writing and publishing industry, I have written more than 10 books and hundreds of articles. As an editor, teacher, and book coach, I’ve worked with people who struggle with procrastination, fear, and self-doubt.


To be honest with you, I’ve had to overcome fear and self-doubt to write every single one of my books and many of my articles.


Over the years, I have learned and developed practices that support people in starting and completing their writing projects. I have shared some of these tools with you over the years–like how knowing when and where you are going to write increases your chances of writing!


For the first time, I am offering a class where I will talk about my top 15 tips for starting and finishing a writing project. It does not matter if you are writing a book, a blog post, a dissertation, or a speech: this class will help you learn how to write regularly and painlessly.


In the class, Core Practices for Completing Writing Projects, you will learn:

+15 core practices to help you start and finish writing projects

+Actions you can take right now to help you start writing

+A handout that you can use to integrate these tools into your life!


To sign up for the class, visit my website’s WORKSHOP PAGE!


I look forward to seeing you in class!

Happy writing,



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