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Take Advantage of the Fresh Start Effect

August 8, 2017


Note From Rochelle


Dear Readers,

We’ve had some mighty chilly days this past week. With temperatures dipping into the 50s, I’ve been inspired to start planning for fall! Today’s blog post begins a series about setting and accomplishing your fall goals!





Take Advantage of the Fresh Start Effect

By Rochelle Melander


“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.” ― Richie Norton


The summer is flying by. The next New Year’s Eve is closer than the last one. Whether we’ve succeeded or failed at keeping our resolutions, we need to decide: what projects do we want to finish by the end of the year?


As we approach the beginning of a new school year, it’s the perfect time to start something new or recommit to finishing an existing project. Why now?


A 2013 study on The Fresh Start Effect showed that people do better with new goals immediately following a new start in the calendar—a birthday or the beginning of a week, month, or year. No wonder fall arrives, and we feel ready to take a class, join a coaching group, start a new writing project, or finish an old one.


Take time this week to consider your goals. What project do you want to finish before the end of the year? As you review your existing projects, consider:


+What project are you passionate about? What project would you write without a deadline? What topics keep you up at night thinking, reading, or writing?


+What project serves a purpose? What project supports you and your business? Is there a book or blog project that can help you grow your platform, teach clients what you do, increase your sales, or help your clients succeed? Is there a project that you know will help your readers—something that will inspire, inform, or challenge them?


+What project are you ready to write? Though you may have dozens of ideas, consider working on the project that you can start immediately, without additional research or preparation.


Do you need help choosing your fall goal?

Consider setting up a consultation or coaching session with me. I’ve helped dozens of clients set and accomplish their goals! Contact me via email:



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