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You Need THIS to Write Your Book (or Blog or Poem)

August 29, 2017



Note From Rochelle


Dear Readers,


Today’s tip is the fourth in a series to help you create your book. I’ve talked about how to choose a project, plan it, and connect with others for inspiration and accountability. Today’s tip brings it all together by teaching you the single most important tool for every writer.







You Need THIS to Write Your Book

(or Blog or Poem)

by Rochelle Melander



I’ve been throwing around words like secret a lot lately, talking about what writers need to be successful.


But when it comes to writing a book, there’s only one thing we need—and it’s not really a secret. Here’s what I wrote in Write-A-Thon:


Do you want to know the real difference between writers and wannabe writers? Showing up. That’s it—the big secret. Those who write, write. Wannabe writers wait for inspiration to move them into action. It rarely does. As Peter DeVries once said, “I only write when I’m inspired, and I make sure I’m inspired every morning at nine A.M.”


Or as Donna Gephart, author of Lily and Dunkin, said, “There’s no substitute for putting in the time.” –Donna Gephart


If you plan to write a book or a blog post or a poem, you must put in the time. As a writer, you need time to:


+Study and research


+Think and brainstorm






+Daydream and be






As a coach, I support people in taming time—figuring out how to fit writing into their schedule. But even before they can do that, they need to decide that the writing is worth their time. They need to choose to write over everything else that begs for their time, including their family, housework, television and technology.


Are you ready and willing to commit the time to your writing this fall? Then take out your calendar and set aside blocks of time to plan, brainstorm and write.


And if you need the support of a coach or a coaching group, contact me for a consultation:



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