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Join the Write Now! Coach Critique Group



Dear writers,


I’m excited by how well the first Write Now! Coach Critique Group has gone over the last six months. I’ve watched the members make huge strides in finding their voices and finishing their projects.


I’m currently a member of another critique group. Each session provides me with some nugget of wisdom I can take and apply to my craft. But more than that, the support and encouragement of my colleagues, in addition to the regular deadlines, keep me writing even when I want to give up.


I want you to have the same opportunity I had—a safe group that could help you shape your book into something you can sell. So I created the Write Now! Coach Critique Group


This group is ideal for people who:

+Want to create a book but need accountability and support

+Have started writing a book but don’t know if it works

+Are working on a blog, book or book proposal but are worried it’s not good enough



The Write Now! Coach Critique Group will provide you with:


+Accountability to meet your writing goals (we’ll kick your butt, and you’ll write more!)

+Tools to help you evaluate your writing

+Support in overcoming writing blocks

+Encouragement from group members



Here’s what people are saying about the groups:



Rochelle helped me clarify my goals and eliminate extraneous concerns and distractions that had become obstacles as I began my book. She is generous with her time and advice and is an enthusiastic coach! — Diane Angelucci, Freelance Writer



One of the highlights of my summer was participating in Rochelle Melander’s Write Now! Coach Critique Group. The group gave excellent positive feedback, great suggestions when I got stuck, and made the writing process less lonely. Rochelle always brought encouraging words of wisdom to us as we began our group sessions, and I learned about the writing and publishing process. Whether you are a beginning writer or a published author, the Critique Group provides a supportive community and opportunities to grow as a writer and polish your craft. I have already signed up for the next group! Thanks Rochelle for this opportunity. —Laura Wind



Rochelle’s group coaching session helped me articulate my clearly my writing goals and how I would achieve them. Her diagnostic questions were valuable as they helped me sort out difficulties I was having with writing. — Sandra Somers


The program starts next Tuesday, January 23 via telephone conference call. I’ve got room for only 3 more participants—so if you’re interested, sign up soon. Here’s the link to the group coaching page.



And please, if you have any questions—don’t hesitate to contact me:



Happy Writing!


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