Books For Writers

Need some more ideas for books to give the writers in your life? Here are three great options. And here’s the best part: I’m giving away a copy of each book! Read on to learn how you can win. For the writer who wants to make more money. A few... Read More

Inspiring Gifts for Writers

So it’s Wednesday, otherwise known as writing prompt day over here at Write Now! Coach. Instead of offering a prompt today, I’m providing a list of great books to inspire the writers on your list to keep writing! You may also decide to buy these for yourself, and I think that’s... Read More

The Art of Procrastination

I’m delighted to welcome my friend and colleague Peg Rousar-Thompson to the blog. Last summer at WriteCamp Milwaukee, she spoke about the art of procrastination—and I thought it would make a great blog post. Enjoy! The Art of Procrastination by Peg Rousar-Thompson I procrastinate.  It’s probably what I do best.  And... Read More