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Writers@Work: Empower Your Writing Life with Gentleness

November 26, 2019



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Today I’m delighted to welcome my colleague Bingz Huang, author of the delightful book, Empower Your Life with Gentleness, to talk about her new book and how her practice of gentleness helped her get it written.




Writers@Work: An Interview with Bingz Huang

by Rochelle Melander


Welcome to the blog, Bingz. Can you tell us a little bit about your book, Empower Your Life with Gentleness.

Thank you Rochelle! Yes of course! My book is about honoring our need to be gentler on ourselves and giving ourselves the permission to do so. I think many of us, including myself, view the practice of gentleness as a weakness. We strive to do the exact opposite. We push aside our doubts and fears, load ourselves with positive self-talk, and trudge onwards, thinking that we are building resilience. Through my own experiences and through facilitating healing for my clients, I have found out that practicing gentleness on ourselves works so much better. There are not many books written to honor this magical power of gentleness, so I followed my instincts to write one myself.


What are some tools you use to be gentle with yourself?

I inhale calming therapeutic essential oils from Young Living. I apply The Wonder Method to unwind thoughts, feelings, and situations energetically. And I allow myself to melt into the long and soft warm hugs my boys give me.


A lot of writers I work with deal with a harsh inner critic when they write. How did you use gentleness to help you overcome your own inner critic?

It was really very difficult to practice gentleness on myself to write a book about gentleness with a self-imposed deadline! At first I would do short Facebook posts that reflect my thoughts on gentleness. I reworked the popular ones into longer blog posts. I wrote as if I was channeling my Higher Self, which I think of as the most loving, most healing, and wisest part of me. Towards the end of my writing marathon, I use a quick Aroma Boost Technique (part of the Aroma Freedom Techniques) as a way to reset my thoughts and feelings, and motivate myself to do the task of writing. Asking for help from friends and colleagues to read my manuscript, and receiving their positive feedback was very reassuring as well. It was also very useful to convert my manuscript into a Kindle file so I could read it on my Kindle device and enjoy reading and editing my manuscript.


You do a lot—you run a business, parent three young children, and more! What were some of the tools you used to write your book and get it out into the world? 

I use Google Doc to write my book manuscript, and I would type short notes on my phone’s notepad app when I’m too overwhelmed with kids to type on my laptop. I love referring to George Kao’s Simple Book Creation course that includes templates and suggested schedules from book writing, formatting, publishing, and to marketing. I turn to Leonie Dawson’s 40-day course which offers short daily inspiration and tips that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes reassuring and all very loving. I also read your Kindle book Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It) to gather more inspiration!

Also, Aroma Freedom Techniques (a modality that is a great blend of therapy + coaching + inhaling essential oils) is my go-to-tool to ‘reset’ my thoughts and feelings so I am aligned towards completing my book.


From your book, I know that you are a great reader. What are you reading now?

I just read The Greatness Chair, a children’s book written by Kathleen Friend, who is a child psychiatrist. She wrote this book to equip parents and children with a simple and effective tool to be more aware of our own greatness qualities, which I have tried on my kids with great success!

I am currently reading No Problem: The Upside of Saying No by Liesel Teversham  who teaches sensitive introverts about embracing their gifts, and Energy Speaks by Lee Harris who is a gifted and loving healer and channeler.

Thank you so much!


Bingz HuangAbout the author. Bingz Huang is a certified practitioner in The Wonder MethodTM, The Aroma Freedom Techniques, and is a Level 1 Human Design Specialist. Her academic education in Mechanical Engineering and Physiotherapy has nurtured her love for continually learning and experimenting with various modalities for healing. Visit her online at:


FB Page:


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