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Guest Posts

#WritersRead: Call for Guest Posts

Guest Posts

#WritersRead Call for Guest Posts

I need you!

In the midst of this crazy world, having a good book to read helps me face the day.

(Well, so does my family and writing and the beautiful flowers. But still: I could not live without books.)

I created the #WritersRead hashtag many years ago so that reading writers could share the books that inspired them to write. Nearly every Friday, I feature guest bloggers writing about their favorite books for #writersread. Posts generally have three sections.


Section One: Book Recommendation

*An author’s favorite book in a genre (e.g., fantasy or mystery)

*A book that shaped an author’s writing

*A book that inspired a writer during a difficult time.

*A reflection on a writing book that inspired the writer

*A reflection on any book that encouraged a writer to write


Section Two: Writing Tip

What writing tip would you like to offer to readers? The tip usually has to do with the book you are recommending, though it might have to do with the type of book you write or the situation in the world right now.


Section Three: Bio

Take a moment to tell readers about you, your most recent book, and why you write. Include links to your website and social media presence.


Open Invite

Are you an author or blogger with a passion for reading? Send me your idea along with the title of the book you will be recommending, your bio, and a link to your website or blog. If you plan to do a book giveaway, please also include the title of the book you will give (along with the format). See guidelines below for length and style of posts.

Email me at: rochelle (at) writenowcoach (dot) com


The Write Now! Coach Blogs Writing Guidelines

*Guest posts should be 500-1000 words long and sent as an MSWord attachment.

*Please include (but do not embed) your links in the body of your post.

*Send a photo, a bio, and a link to your website, blog, or Twitter account. If you would like to include key words to tag, that would be helpful.

*If you are an author and would like to do a giveaway, please let us know when you submit your idea. All submission should be sent via email to rochelle (at) writenowcoach (dot) com.

*All posts are due one week before the expected publication date.

*Guest bloggers will be tweeted and celebrated all over the social media world but we cannot at this time pay you. You retain the rights to your writing and can use it again (though it will stay up at our site).

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