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Write2Transform: Blast Those Obstacles to Oblivion and Beyond

April 12, 2016


Note From Rochelle


Dear Writers,

For years, I’ve helped clients beat writer’s block and establish a regular writing schedule. Most of my clients would not characterize themselves as writers. Instead, they identify as helping professionals, coaches, and business leaders who want to share their messages with the world. I’ve been able to help them overcome their fears and share their ideas.

Perhaps you face similar struggles? You’d like to write a book but can’t find the time. Or you want to tell your story, but fear that you’re not good enough to get published in this market. To support you in getting your message written, I have three helpful tools for you.

Tool One: I’ve freed up ten individual coaching spots in my schedule for writers who need help overcoming a specific block or obstacle. The sessions are 45 minutes long and cost just $80. If you’d like to claim one of the spots, you can pay by clicking on the link below. Schedule your session on April 25 or 27 by clicking on “set an appointment” here:


Tool Two: I’m launching two Write-A-Thon coaching groups this summer to help you ditch the doubts, get accountable and finish your project! Groups begin Wednesday, June 8th. Details to come.


Tool Three (and this one’s free): Today, I’m launching a series of tips on overcoming obstacles and increasing productivity. Today’s tip will help you blast through those doubts and write forward!

Happy Writing!

Rochelle, the Write Now! Coach




What thoughts, feelings or practices interrupt your writing?


When I was finishing my first graduate degree, I received a fellowship for a second Master’s Degree. I’d receive tuition, food and housing for a year. In exchange, I was expected to teach, take classes, and write a thesis. The dean expressed her doubts about my potential for success: “You’re all over the place, wanting to study literature, liturgy, Bible and more. You have too many ideas and no focus. I can’t imagine you finishing this degree.”


Though the dean predicted my failure, I succeeded. At the end of the year, I graduated—with distinction.


Still, despite my success, her words still haunt me. When I’m struggling to finish projects, I hear her saying, “This is your problem, you have too many ideas and no focus.”


That’s when I need to get out my secret weapon: the Obstacle Blaster.


The Obstacle Blaster

Over the years, I’ve faced many obstacles to writing success. Some of them have been external: Sick children. Time constraints. Tight markets. Most have been internal: Fear, frustration, doubt, and confusion. The obstacle blaster helps with both external and internal obstacles.

Psychologist Peter Gollwitzer discovered that children who could imagine not only possible obstacles but also how to overcome them were more able to accomplish their goals. The successful children followed their worried “what ifs” with concrete ideas about how they might handle any obstacle. Gollitzer calls this “implementation intention” or an “if-then plan.” I call it, The Obstacle Blaster.

Try this:

+List your fears and obstacles. Let’s use mine:

What if I have too many ideas and don’t finish my article on time?

I’m overwhelmed, what if I can’t figure out how to write this book?

I’m frustrated, my kids are sick again. What if I can’t finish my work?


+Choose one obstacle and brainstorm ways to solve the obstacle.

What if I have too many ideas and don’t finish my article on time?

            Possible solutions: Write down all ideas. Think about how you can use all of them. Think about how you can use just one of them. Talk through article with a friend. Set aside time to work on just the article. List topics you want to cover in the article and work on them one at a time.


+Write one or more implementation intentions or “if-then” statements to help you overcome the obstacle. Here’s mine.

If I feel overwhelmed and have trouble focusing, then I will list the topics I want to cover in the article and work on them one at a time.


See how easy that is?


BLASTNow that you have the Obstacle Blaster, you can take on the limiting beliefs that you’ve been hanging onto for too long. BLAST those obstacles and let them go!









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