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Why Write-A-Thon: You Need a Vacation

Writing is its own reward. —Henry Miller

Have you seen my dining room table? Yeah, neither have I. Sometime after school started, it became buried under school forms, mail, library books, and CDs. At dinner time, we usually push the junk to one side of the table to make room for our plates. But the junk has its way of creeping back and taking over the entire table. I know it is only October, I know I had two weeks off in July, but I need a vacation.

Obviously with a book coming out, kids in school, and work to be done—I am not going anywhere this month. Except perhaps in my mind. And that is one fantastic reason to do a write-a-thon. You need a vacation and the best way to go somewhere fantastic is to write about it.

For today’s writing prompt: write about the place you’d most like to spend a month. Where is it? What does it look like? Who would you spend your time with?

Need more encouragement to write-a-thon? Check out my new book, Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It). And come to the book launch at Boswell Book Company on October 18, 2011 at 7:00 PM. There will be cake and prizes!

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