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Why Write-A-Thon: You Have Something to Say

We are counting down to the launch of my new book, Write-A-Thon with a series of blog posts on “Why Write-A-Thon?” Why would anybody do something so insane as attempting to write a book in less than a month? Today’s reason features an excerpt from Write-A-Thon: You have something to say

Why Write-A-Thon? You have something to say. You are constantly thinking about how you could change the world and, more specifically, the lives of those you love, if only you could tell them what you know about nutrition, exercise, dog training, or high finance. Maybe you’ve tried to tell people what you know—either in person or in long emails explaining your point of view. Perhaps you’ve even started a Web site or a newsletter where you can write about your ideas. You have a lot to teach the world. You need to write a book so that your friends won’t avoid you because all you do is give advice. Stop giving advice, emailing your ideas to friends, and telling strangers what to do. Write a book instead.

You make up stories. Some people—like your boss, parents, or significant other—might call it lying, but you know the truth. You have been making up stories since you were old enough to talk (and maybe before). Your beloved grandfather with the twirly mustache was secretly a spy. The woman who sat in front of you on the subway yesterday—the one who was crying and rubbing the tattoo on her arm that said Arnold—you spent the whole ride debating whether Arnold broke up with her or died in a tragic accident. And today, when you stopped at the coffee shop, you wondered what was going on between the old homeless man and the young handsome businessman at the back table. Could they be father and son? Were they exchanging top-secret information? Or maybe they meet every week. But why? Stop wondering aimlessly. Put your stories into a book that we all can enjoy!


You have a unique point of view. You have been in your business or profession—whatever that is—for a long time. You have developed tools and techniques that you believe could support your colleagues or clients in doing something better, faster, and for more profit. You probably have some idea that your point of view works—you get clients easily and your colleagues keep asking how you do it (whatever it is). You have some choices to make. You can use your unique point of view to be the best at what you do. Or, you can teach others what you know and become known for being the expert on a topic or process, no matter what that topic is: teaching kids how to write, networking, losing weight, or building a fortune. On top of that, writing a book will save you time and maybe earn you some money. When people ask how you do it, you won’t have to say, ”Buy me dinner, and I’ll give you the short version.” Instead, you’ll be able to sell them your book.

Why not Write-A-Thon? You’ve been holding onto these stories and secrets for most of your life. Now is the time to write them down. You have nothing to lose, except a little time and, quite possibly, the feeling in your bum!



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