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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Take a Hike! by Rochelle Melander

I often take a camera with me when I walk. In my neighborhood, I never know when I might run into something fun to photograph—like this toilet or the mommy and baby ducks I posted yesterday. Later, the photos become fodder for writing.

YOUR Turn! Take a walk with your camera. Photograph anything that intrigues you. Carry paper and pen, too, and jot down delicious words and ideas. When you return home, upload the photos. Use these as your writing prompt. Compose a Haiku poem, dash off a quick journal entry, or incorporate the scene into the story. And, if you don’t have time to take your own photo, post your poetic response to my photo!

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  1. Beth Hoffmann

    Porcelain fixture:
    Sanitation aid curbside
    Another novel barb? Junque?

    World Toilet Organization
    Appeal to help sanitation?
    Odd site in my estimation.

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