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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Stop to Smell the Weeds

I have two dogs. Muffin, our first dog, is an old guy who stops to mark just about every fire hydrant and tree he passes. When we got Sophie, I thought that she might speed up our walks a little. After all, girls don’t stop every six seconds to mark their territory, right? Right. But Sophie does stop every few minutes to sniff the weeds, flowers, and bushes. So now when I walk with Muffin the Marker and Sophie the sniffer, I get twice as many opportunities to stop and take in the scenery. I am noticing so many new things in my neighborhood. (The cow on the roof is not from my neighborhood, but from a walk on our summer vacation. Pretty cool, eh?)

For today’s writing prompt, take a slow walk outside. If you need help to go slowly, take a two-year-old or an old dog with you. Look for three objects you have never noticed before. Don’t limit yourself to nature. Your objects can be litter, porch decor, or even graffiti. Use all three objects in a poem or a piece of flash fiction. Happy Writing!

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  1. Sarah L.

    This time of year, I pay special attention to all the trees that have brilliant red, orange and gold leaves. Today is such a beautiful, sunny day here in Southern Minnesota. I plan to go for a walk this afternoon with my camera to try and capture the colors shimmering in the sun’s glow.

    1. writenowcoach

      Wow–it sounds beautiful. It’s raining here today, but I might head out later this week with my camera. Thanks for the great idea!

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