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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Overheard!

We live in a college neighborhood. On the plus side, we have 18 restaurants and several independent bookstores within walking distance. On the negative side, we are often kept up late into the night by the noise from our neighbor’s wild parties. I have to admit, these parties do have their benefit: they provide the perfect situation for overhearing conversations. All I have to do is sit by my open window, and take notes. Of course, in this neighborhood most of the sentences begin with the word, “Dude.” As in these overheard phrases:

*”Dude, you’re going to burn my hair.”

*”Dude, I don’t want to pee in this bush.”

*”Dude, don’t give beer to the cat.”

Snippets of overheard conversations can become great writing prompts. Your assignment: go to a coffee shop, park or other public place and take notes on passing conversations. Once you have a few phrases, imagine the rest of the conversation.

When you’re done, stop by the blog and let me know how it goes!

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