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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Imagine

Our new dog Sophie joined the family a couple of weeks ago, just in time for my daughter’s 10th birthday.

Sophie liked doing two things that Muffin rarely did: jump up on the sofa and go upstairs. Last week, we left our two dogs home alone for the first time ever. When we got home, Sophie was different. She no longer tried to jump on the sofa, even when invited up by one of us. And, she did not try to sneak upstairs, even when the door was open. Sometimes, she would look longingly upstairs. But then she’d glance at Muffin and plop herself down in the front room.

We began to wonder—did Muffin have a talk with Sophie? Did he lay down the rules of the house: no jumping on furniture and absolutely no trips to the upstairs? All week we have been asking, “What was that conversation like? What did the two of them say to each other?”

Sometimes imagining the conversation between two animals can be a great way to practice dialogue. Imagine your pets having a conversation about you while you are away. What do they say? If you don’t have pets, imagine what the squirrels climbing on your roof are saying to each other. Or consider what the birds resting in your trees are saying to each other. Set your timer for 15 minutes and write!

Who else would be good to cast for this exercise? Share your thoughts below.

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