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Use Social Media to Improve Your Book Proposal

Social media—they’ve become the buzzwords of this new century. Every writing workshop has at least one class on social media. And if you are going to write a book proposal that sells, you will need to master social media. Here are three ways to use social media to better your book proposal.

1. Research your topic. Use google alerts so that you can be the first to know when your topic is talked about online. Visit these sites and find out what others are talking about and figure out how you can do it differently and better.

2. Research your market. Most advice about social media encourages users to get connected and get known. But before you do that, use Twitter and LinkedIn to research your market. Do you know who might buy your book? Find them and follow them on Twitter. Join their groups on LinkedIn. Then sit back, listen, and take notes. Find out what these potential readers are talking about, where they gather, and what they need.

3. Lay the foundation. In the publishing world, we are always talking about platform. Authors ask each other, “How big is your platform?” Experts tell potential authors, “Build your platform.” Most of the new writers wonder, “What is a platform?” A platform is simply how you are already reaching potential readers. A platform includes the people who follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook, read your blog, listen to you speak, and more. When new writers think about building a platform, it can sound daunting. Instead, try to lay your platform’s foundation. Begin building relationships by joining groups on LinkedIn and liking groups on Facebook. Once you join, begin connecting with people around your common interests. Ask questions. Listen. Provide helpful information. Before long, you’ll have the foundation for a strong platform!

Your turn. How have you used social media to create a better book proposal? Leave your comments below. And don’t forget today’s Write Now! Mastermind Class at noon central time, Three Keys to Writing Book Proposals That Sell. I will be giving away a coaching session to someone on the call!

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