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Pinterest for Writers by Rochelle Melander

I first heard about Pinterest from a client. She was enchanted by the application and confessed to spending many pleasant hours pinning. After a few conversations, her energy and excitement for the platform inspired me, and I signed up. When I began to create boards—I had no idea what I was doing. And I didn’t quite understand what the fuss was all about—why were my female friends so delighted by Pinterest?

It didn’t take long for me to get it. Though I once saw Pinterest as a fun diversion, I now understand it as an essential part of my social media platform—not to mention how it helps me manage my life! Read on to learn what Pinterest is and how writers can use it to collect inspiration and research as well as build their platform.

What is Pinterest? Pinterest describes itself as a virtual pinboard. Pinterest is a social media application that allows users to collect images from blogs, websites, and other users’ boards and pin them on their own theme-based boards. Users can follow each other, share pins, and like and comment on each other’s pins. Pinterest has just added a new feature that allows users to create secret boards—a perfect tool for the writer who is not ready to share her ideas with the world.

How writers can use Pinterest For me, Pinterest has become an essential tool for collecting and managing information online. Instead of relying on a messy list of bookmarks to find that soup recipe or quote about creativity, I can easily find it on the boards I’ve created to make my life easier. But Pinterest has been most helpful for simplifying my writing life.

Here are several ways writers can use Pinterest:

*Research and collect information for current projects. Instead of bookmarking articles about your book’s subject or photos of potential settings for your novel, create a board for each project or each element in your novel. And Pinterest is a great place to research the visual elements of your novel because it is a visual medium. While others are planning to redecorate their homes, you can grab images to build your characters’ world.

*Collect ideas for future projects. Ever come across an article and think, “That might be something to pursue at some point.” If you’re like me, you bookmark it and then forget about it. Or, you print it out and stuff it into an idea folder that you never look at. Why not create a board of intriguing ideas? That way, you will always know where you’ve put those ideas. In addition, Pinterest is teeming with fun ideas that you can add it to your board.

*Collect inspiration, tools, and resources. Put all of those great resources that support your writing life in one place. Besides collecting recipes and exercises, I also have a board with tools and tips for overwhelmed writers.

*Collect information you need to learn. I started a social media board to learn more about how to make use of social media as a writer. I’ve also added a board of writing exercises for the work I do teaching writing to children and teens. What would you like to learn more about? How can Pinterest provide a place for you to gather resources for learning?

*Collect resources that readers want. The best way to use Pinterest to build your writer’s platform is to create boards that your readers will want to see. Stumped? Visit the boards of your favorite writers on Pinterest. What intrigues you? What delights you? How can you offer the same kind of value to your readers?

*Create boards for renewal. No one can write 24/7. When we get away from our work and into life for a few hours or days, we return to our work rested and energized. Collect craft or art ideas, home projects, recipes, or anything else that will help you dig into life and renew your spirit.

Your turn: How do you use Pinterest to support your writing life?



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  1. This is BRILLIANT. I understood how awesome Pinterest was from the start, but I never thought of using it for things other than passing fancies. Not only will I start to use it for my writing, but for each individual project, and then also for my day job.

  2. What a great post! I had a conversation with a friend last night about Pinterest and found the answers today in my RSS feed! Thank you!! I have had an account for several months and have many followers, but not many boards. Now I have some ideas on how to make it work for me!

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