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NaNoWriMo: Come to the (Virtual) Party!

Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing. —Melinda Haynes

Sometime late Monday morning, I crossed the NaNoWriMo finish line with 51,583 words. How did I celebrate? I had pizza night on Monday instead of Friday. Yesterday morning I got up before the sun, took my daughter to school, worked out at the Y, and wrote blog posts all morning.

I’m the first to admit that I do not celebrate well. Instead of taking time off to bask in the glory of a success, I dig into the next assignment. Maybe it has to do with being raised Lutheran in Minnesota, maybe it is in my genes—but I am much more comfortable with hard work than fun.

I’d hoped to dig up five exciting and creative ways for you to celebrate your NaNo win—but honestly, after blogging every day for a month, guest blogging at a variety of sites for the release of Write-A-Thon, and sending my characters on all sorts of delicious and devious adventures, I’m all out of great ideas. Besides, as my children like to remind me, I’m LAME, and I’d hate to recommend a lame celebration.

So here’s the deal: tomorrow through Monday we are having a virtual celebration party here at the Write Now! Coach blog. As you are finishing your book today, take a moment to email me a celebration idea. Please include your name and a link to your blog or your Twitter page. Tomorrow morning, I will compile the best of these and post them on the blog. I’ll also announce some awesome and silly prizes and how you can win them. Can’t wait!

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