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How Will You Greet the New Year? by Rochelle Melander

2014Have you been online lately? Bloggers have produced a flurry of content to remind us that it’s time to get our lives together and get ready for the New Year. Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with posts about how we can earn more, look skinnier, and feel happier in 2014. Just the titles overwhelm me!

As we reflect on 2013 and get ready for the New Year, it can be easy to be critical. We might look at our accomplishments, examine our stash of stuff, and review our connections and think—it’s not enough. Then we compare ourselves with our friends or those bloggers who seem to have it all together—and it’s easy to feel like we fall far short of perfect.

The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus had good advice for us: Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.


Take some time tonight or over the next week and review any documents that help you remember the year past: your calendar, journal, reading list, email folder, text messages, social media pages, birthday and holiday cards, or receipts. Note the events, connections, work, books, movies, and activities that shaped your year. Reflect on these questions:

+What do you feel grateful for?

+What moments will you savor?

+What have you learned?

If you need a little encouragement, listen to what Piglet learned about gratitude:

Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude. (A.A. Milne).

If you need even more encouragement, here are a few songs to support you:

Thank You by John Mellencamp

Blessed by Brett Dennen

Everything I Need by Keb Mo

Everything I Need by Melissa Ferrick

Have You Ever by Brandi Carlile

And that’s how to greet the New Year: with gratitude and hope. As always, I’m grateful for you dear readers! Happy New Year!

Rochelle, the Write Now! Coach

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  1. Nom J

    Thanks Rochelle, for sharing these great words of ‘grounded sensibility,’ honest emotion, and the inward-upward triumphant truism of gratitude and gratefulness.
    Way to go!
    Imagine ~ if we all spent the early New Year realizing what MANY things we have to be grateful for, and then, continued that practice throughout the rest of the year, too!! Gosh ~ it could start a revolution!
    Love Epicurus’ quote, and, being a Winnie the Pooh fan of years gone by, it was great to hear Piglet’s voice again, too.

    I appreciate you Rochelle!
    Blessings of 2014 to you and yours.

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