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Susan Pokorny

How a Book Can Help You Share Your Wisdom

February 19, 2019


Note From Rochelle


Dear Writers,

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Today’s tip features an interview with Susan Pokorny, whose book has helped her share her wisdom about wellness.




Susan Pokorny

Writers@Work: How a Book Can Help You Share Your Wisdom

An Interview with author Susan L. Pokorny

by Rochelle Melander


Tell us about your book, Two Inches of Wool: The Simple Art of Self-Care.

Susan PokornyThis book is the guide for building confidence in making better choices in health and wellness. As you can imagine, the wellness industry is highly competitive with “experts” popping up every day. The average person can quickly become overwhelmed with who they should listen to and what information to trust. Two Inches of Wool is designed to teach the reader to better understand themselves, build discernment, and gather wisdom in healthy living so they can make the best choices in their life.



How has your book helped readers see you as a trusted resource?

As a practitioner in the wellness industry for over thirty years, I’ve observed many trends. My approach to training and education has remained somewhat the same, although my depth of knowledge has continued to grow. The clients I work with know my style. I care for them and equip them to take ownership of their own wellness practices. Two Inches of Wool has allowed me to share these techniques so that I can equip readers with the same skills I teach my personal clients.

I’ve been writing a blog since 2010, where I’ve parked a lot of my knowledge in healthy living. Since then the market has exploded with tens of thousands of health blogs. Some of it is valid, some of it sensationalized, making it even more confusing for consumers to trust sources. Two Inches of Wool is more of a personal guide—a reflection of my education approach in understanding the human mind and body and integrating this understanding into lifelong wellness. Readers will get complex information, solid scientific research, and practical tools.


How has your book educated potential clients about your work?

I’ve been working at a local clinic for years in bodywork and aromatherapy, but it’s surprising how many people still have questions about what I do. Writing Two Inches of Wool has really become an extension of what I teach to my clients when we are in private sessions.

Also, I found I was teaching clients the same basics over and over and felt there was a need to write about these basic wellness principles to a greater audience. The work I do is very customized as I teach clients the skills to better understand themselves so they can identify what makes them feel happier, healthier, and whole no matter what wellness choices they are making. You’ll see this emphasis in every chapter of my book: self-awareness and application to everyday living.


How has writing a book created a buzz for you and your business?

I’m definitely connecting with more professionals in online platforms like LinkedIn as well as offline at special events and workshops. My friends, family, clients, and email subscribers all know I have a wellness business, but seeing me publish my book has built a trust that would have taken me years to grow working one-on-one with many people. Since I already have a base of clients, I have built further awareness of my professional contributions to the industry for my current clients and those I just meet. Once my book was published, my credibility increased tremendously within the business community as a trusted professional who can equip other businesses to care for employees in an effective way.


How has your book helped with capturing media attention and marketing efforts?

My most exciting accomplishment with writing my book was securing a spot on the Morning Blend—which was not a paid advertisement, as many of their guests are. I’ve also had opportunities on a radio spot and on some podcasts, with more engagements opening up in the coming months.


And how do you use your book to grow your business?

I’ve used my book to collaborate with other businesses in growing educational programming and outreach in wellness. It’s been a great gift to hand to clients who enroll in my courses, giveaway at special events and speaking engagements, and a marketing tool for potential clients. My books are carried at health food stores, chiropractor offices, wellness centers, and small gift shops where I have opportunities to teach workshops and continuing education around topics in the book. It’s been a great tool to use for connecting with potential partners in business as well as being a rewarding process. Writing a book has been a great step in my professional practice to build confidence with my existing clients and open up opportunities in many creative ways in my field of practice.


About the author

Susan Pokorny

Susan L. Pokorny has been teaching, speaking and educating others about wellness for over 30 years with a focus on mind-body support the past 16 years. She is the author of Two Inches of Wool and is an experienced registered yoga teacher with 1000+ teaching hours plus numerous other trainings and certifications including trauma-sensitive work. Her personal practice includes caring for her tribe of six kids and serving in youth mentoring programs with her husband. Susan is passionate about supporting teens and women as an advocate for anti-trafficking education, survivor rehabilitation and inspiring life-long changes for her clients. Susan loves to spend time outdoors, hiking and gardening, and is courageous to take on do-it-yourself projects that involve art, restoration, upcycling, and bringing out the hidden beauty of her projects. You can follow her living out the healthy, natural lifestyle at




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