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The Habits of Successful Writers by Rochelle Melander

Hey writers!

As you probably know, I’ve got lots to say about writing! And it was my pleasure to be interviewed recently by Susan Jennings of Media Shower. You can read a bit of the interview below and then visit Media Shower to read the rest!



the Write Now! Coach


The Habits of Successful Writers

4_ppAn interview with Write Now! Coach Rochelle Melander

by Susan Jennings

How did you become passionate about writing?

I fell in love with reading as a young child, thrilled to discover new worlds and people through books. When I was about 7, I began creating tiny books filled with my poems and stories. My passion for writing grew from there. I wrote to cope with the angst of my teen years, began publishing in college, and then wrote to figure out how I wanted to live my life. I’m still addicted to writing!


What habits did you have to develop early on in order to become a successful writer?

Great question! Helpful habits form the core of my writing life. During graduate school, I learned that starting projects long before the deadline would help me finish on time. That meant I had to write whether I felt inspired or not. That early experience has led to some good habits: I write every day, whether I feel like it or not. I write early in the day, when I have the most energy for intellectual tasks. But I try to write even when it’s mid-afternoon, the kids are loud, and I’m feeling frazzled. The discipline of writing regularly keeps my writing muscles strong, even when I don’t have a deadline looming over me.


What bad habits did you figure out you needed to kick?

Over the years, I’ve kicked many bad habits in order to write.

To read the rest of the interview and learn about my bad habits, how to overcome procrastination, and more, visit Media Shower!

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