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Global Blog Tag: Ten Random Things About Me

I’ve been tagged!

Have you ever played a GLOBAL game of tag? Well I’m IT. I have been tagged by author Debra Brenegan.


Rules (if you’re tagged): You must be tagged by someone; say who tagged you; list 10 random facts about yourself; tag four more people.

Ready or not, here I go. Ten random things about me:

1. In my 20s, I taught weight training at a gym. And yes, they paid me to do this even though I knew nothing and could barely lift 30 pounds.

2. I’m allergic to tomatoes, but I love white pizza—so I get by.

3. I love shoes. It’s a sickness.

4. We’ve been a one-car family since 1999.

5. I wish I lived near the ocean.

6. I love to bake. I learned this from my grandmother.

7. I collect turtles.

8. I’d almost always rather be reading.

9. I starred in the class play in 2nd grade. I majored in theater in college. I miss theater a lot. A few years ago, I wrote my first play. Don’t be surprised if you hear I’ve run away from home to join a theater troupe.

10. Want to make me cry? Close a bookstore, a library, or a theatre company—or take the arts out of the schools. I’ve cried a lot lately.

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2 Responses

  1. Ten Facts About Me….

    1. I am almost 99% certain that I spent a previous life in either Spain or Mexico. I would go to either of these places on the drop of a dime.
    2. I knew I wanted to be a writer since I got a typewriter for Christmas in first grade.
    3. Other memorable gifts were cross country skis and a ten speed (2nd and 3rd grades) proving that my DNA made staying still a feat that is impossible to this day.
    4. I am 100% clueless in the kitchen. I truly wish I could cook, but fall apart after the first step on a recipe.
    5. I am a complete sap- country songs, Hallmark commercials, or puppies will make me cry instantly.
    6. I have a list of foods that would be on my “death row, last meal” menu- spicy tuna sushi, McDonald’s crispy chicken snap wraps, and my mom’s banana bread. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be on death row, so I just eat those foods whenever I can now.
    7. I will buy almost any movie or TV show soundtrack. My favorites to date: thirtysomething or Mad About You.
    8. The Bionic Woman was my hero growing up.
    9. My three favorite places: Wautoma, Wisconsin; Ixtapa, Mexico; Ronda, Spain.
    10. I’m afraid of: singing in public, frogs, and the dark.

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