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Eliminate This Obstacle and Finish Your Book by Rochelle Melander


Every writer or wanna-be writer has ideas for books. The problem isn’t finding an idea, it’s choosing one. —Jo Linsdell

When I meet with new clients, I ask: “What one project would you like to finish by the end of the year?”

Usually clients know the answer immediately. Then they say, “But I’d also like to write…” and present a long list of project ideas.

I’m no different. I have more ideas than I have time. When I do get time to write, it’s tempting to flit back and forth between projects, like a bee searching for the best source of pollen.

Most writers have a million good ideas floating around in their brains. We jot them in our notebooks and on our to-do lists, but juggling too many potential projects becomes a huge obstacle to finishing any of them.

Make this year different. Choose one project and schedule time to work on it. Write one word at a time until the project is done. When you have finished writing and revising to your satisfaction, choose another project.

This is how a writer builds a large body of work—writing one word at a time on one project at a time.


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