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Coping with Overwhelm

January 24, 2023


Note From Rochelle


Dear Writers,


Happy New Year… again! The Lunar New Year was Sunday—and we’ve entered the year of the Rabbit. The rabbit symbolizes self-reflection and peace. And today’s tip will help you to reflect on your life, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed.


I have two more spots open in my Writing Accountability Group. This is for writers who have a special project or two that they want to write, try to write, but sometimes struggle to write. They need the encouragement of a group to overcome distraction and procrastination, sustain focus, and write. If you’re wondering if this is for you, reply to this email, and we’ll find a time to chat before the group starts! Check it out here:


Happy writing,

Rochelle, the Write Now! Coach



Coping with Overwhelm


How’s the New Year going for you?


If you’re like me, you might be a little overwhelmed trying to do all the things. You know, the project you committed to starting or finishing this year. Then there are all the new things you thought would make your life better (meditation, yoga, healthy meals). Oh, and don’t forget all those meetings and tasks you ran out of time to do last year, so you scheduled for this year. Yikes!


Here are some signs that your brain might be on overload:

+Forgetting deadlines & appointments

+Feeling agitated while relaxing (I should be doing something)

+Difficulty concentrating on writing or other projects

+Rapidly hopping from idea to task and back again

+Feeling exhausted or being unproductive at your most productive times of day


What’s the solution? Here’s how to take care of your brain and write more:


+Take balcony time. Schedule a day in the balcony to take a bird’s eye view of your life, schedule and to do list:

  • What’s filling up your time?
  • What activities energize you?
  • What activities drain you?
  • When are you most focused?
  • What’s disrupting your focus?
  • What do you yearn to focus on?


+Choose a project (or two). Focusing on one project at a time can help us feel more focused and less overwhelmed. If you feel worried about choosing just one or two projects, create a schedule for the next few months—and note what you will write next.


+Let go. Once you have a big-picture view of your life, you’ll know what’s distracting you. Let go of the activities that don’t serve you. Or, if you can’t let go of them completely, limit them.




+Complete unfinished business. Schedule a chunk of time to wrap up unfinished business—all that stuff you’ve been meaning to do that you never get around to that haunts you in the middle of the night and when you should be writing. You know, your annual physical, your eye check-up, writing a thank you note to your aunt, and paying that parking ticket. After the big clean up, create a regular day each month to deal with this stuff.


+Add wrap-up time. Schedule time at the end of each writing and work session to wrap up. If possible, create a to-do list for the next day so that you don’t have to remember what you plan to do. Also, make a note about what you will write about during your next session, so that your subconscious can do the work for you!


+Take notes. While you’re working, keep a file or notepad open to jot down all the ideas tasks that show up while you are trying to write.


+Take time off. Schedule down time. You need rest, relaxation, and repetitive tasks to give your brain time to heal and your subconscious a chance to work.


Your turn: What do you do to deal with feeling overwhelmed?



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