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How to be a Badass Writer by Rochelle Melander

April 18, 2017



Note From Rochelle



Dear Readers,

A few years ago, my son gave me the book, You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. When he handed it to me, he said, “Because you are, Mom, even if you don’t always believe it.”

Sincero appeared at Boswell Book Company next Tuesday, April 25 at 7:00 PM. She talked about her great new book, You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth.

Today’s tip pays homage to Sincero’s book, You Are a Badass with my five tips for becoming a Badass Writer.



The Write Now! Coach



How to Be a Badass Writer

by Rochelle Melander


You have a story to tell. Perhaps it’s about how you overcame a big hurdle to lose weight or transform your business. Maybe it’s about how you help people honor their life’s purpose. Or it could be a story about some messed up, interesting people. Whatever it is, you have been put on this earth to tell this story. The world needs it.


Here’s how you can become a badass and tell your story:


Get connected to purpose

Writing is never just about writing. We always write for a bigger reason: to entertain, encourage, invite, comfort, console, or support. When we get connected to WHY we are writing, our fear disappears and we can be the badass writer we’re meant to me. What’s your purpose for telling this story?


Defeat the dragons

Every one who writes encounters doubts. The negative comments of parents, teachers, critique partners, and others become the mean, loud, and persistent inner critic. The messages of that fiery dragon can cause doubts about our writing and keep us from telling out story. Defeat that dragon. Tell that voice: “Hey, thanks for sharing. I get that you’re trying to protect me. But I’m a badass! I’ve got this.”


Ditch the distractions

Once you get connected to your purpose and defeat the dragons, you’ll encounter distractions. People you love will need you, your fur children will demand attention, and suddenly Facebook will seem super interesting. Take just five minutes and write. Once you’ve conquered a small chunk, make it bigger. Pretty soon, you’ll be writing so intently, you’ll forget to check Facebook.


Ask for help

Writers get stuck all the time but the badass writers get help. When you can’t figure out the how or are frustrated by the process, call someone. Get coffee with a colleague or friend. Hire a coach.* Do what you need to do to move forward.


Love yourself

Jen Sincero ends every single chapter Of You Are a Badass with this statement and an additional bit of encouragement: Love Yourself. At first, I skipped right by every single entry, thinking, “Love myself, sure, blah, blah, blah.” But when I realized that loving myself made everything else in the book possible: I read it. And repeated it. So badass writers, here’s to you: Love yourself. No matter what happens.

*Need a coach to get you through the tough parts? That’s what I do. Send me an email, and we’ll talk.


Write Now! Coach Rochelle Melander is an author, a certified professional coach, and a popular speaker. Melander has written ten books including Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It). As the Write Now! Coach, she teaches professionals how to write books fast, get published, and connect with readers through social media. Get your free subscription to her Write Now! Tips Ezine at


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