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Writers@Work: Make Money with your Life Story By Emma V. Webb

25 August 2015

Dear Writers,

I’d like to welcome Emma Webb to the blog. Today and tomorrow, you can get a copy of her new book at no charge at Amazon: Coming To America: How To Use The Three Golden Keys Of The Relationship Formula To Fit In, Get Along, And Get Ahead

Read on to hear how she decided to make money by telling her story!

Happy Writing,

Rochelle, the Write Now! Coach



“Everything that has happened in my life is worth money. Now, say it loud. Three times. Done? Do you believe it? Well, you soon will.” —Dr. Mani, author, “Think, Write, And Retire” and “Passion, Profit & Purpose”

Dr. Mani is one of my favorite mentors. But when I read that, my thoughts were, Oh yeah? Show me the money. A lot of things has happened in my life but my bank account is near zero.

After reading, “Everything that has happened in my life is worth money” a dozen times, I finally realized money will not come unless I got off my couch. I decided to let my fingers do the walking.

I sat down in front of my computer and with my two index fingers stepping over each other, wrote three books. Well, I did not write all three books in a weekend. It took longer.

How it began

When I was seventeen, I dreamed of being a writer. I studied to be a doctor instead.

When I was eighteen, my dream of being a writer was still alive. I got married instead.

At age twenty four, with two young children and a Pharmacy degree, my dream of being a writer was just a flicker, barely alive.

Before I turned twenty five, I moved to the United States of America from the Philippines. Life happened in my medical and business world for the next five decades. My dream of being a writer? What is that? What are you talking about?

Igniting a dream

Year 2014. That’s me on the couch. Older. The body moves in slow motion. The brain still works. I decided to revisit “Everything that has happened in my life is worth money”.

Igniting my dream to be a writer, I sat down in front of my computer and with two nervous fingers set the keyboard and the screen on fire.

If your goal is to write and publish books, here’s a list of suggested steps.

1. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and breathe (inhale, hold to a count of 4, exhale). With continued practice, you’ll experience clarity of mind.

2. Write down everything you remember about your life. Here are some memory teasers:

+Anecdotes about your family, friends, enemies, jobs, career (s), etc

+Think of all the people who inspired you.

Some of my mentors I personally met and drew inspiration from are:

  • Tony Robbins. If you see Tony coming, watch out! His drive, energy, and strong desire to empower others is highly contagious.
  • Deepak Chopra. From him, I learned that life is an inside job.
  • Robert Cialdini. In his book, ” Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, he wrote about proven, effective, peaceful, and fun uses of what he refers to as the six weapons of influence.
  • Dr. Tony Alessandra. I follow his Platinum Rule which in essence says, “You                                   can please all the people all the time. Allow them to tell you how.”

3. Categorize the information. Place each category in separate folders.

4. Research.

+Who is looking for the information?

+What kind of information are they looking for?

+Where can you find those that need and want the information?

+How can you reach them?

+Are they willing and able to pay for the information?

+How are you going to sell to them?

5. Crack the marketing door wide open. Tempt their curiosity so they’ll want to see, hear, and feel your virtual product (s).

6. Set a deadline. Organize the information. Stroke the details. How much time do you need to get your book done?

7. Write

+Keep writing. Do not read and reread. Do not edit until your first draft is finished.

+Polish, polish, polish, and polish.

+Do a final check of the manuscript.

+Wow! Deadline!

8. Stop writing. Time to hand your baby to the editors. Let the editors have a go at it. Get out of their way.

9. Publish.

I self-published. It’s cheaper, faster, and rejections didn’t even get a chance. I was in control of every aspect of the publication process. And, kept most of the money made in sales.

10. Start on your next book.

A final word

It took me almost two years to write and publish the three books. The first two were written for readers searching for a way out of their emotional and physical bondage. The books were based on this beliefMeditate. Look within yourself to find the magnificent center of your personal power. We all look outside ourselves for peace and happiness but the real source is locked inside our inner psyche waiting to be discovered and released.

The third book is intended for the people coming from other countries who caved in to the pull of the mighty, magnetic force of the American lifestyle. It is filled with stories, as well as content on communication and relationships, designed to help readers make their way around the maze of challenges, changes, and opportunities.

Copy of EmmaAbout the author.  Emma V. Webb is a writer and an author with enlightening experiences drawn from a life span of more than seven decades. She was a Philippine board certified registered pharmacist when she arrived in America, worked in the medical field as a registered medical technologist and later transitioned to the business world as an owner/partner of a multimillion dollar real estate company, and as a vice president of a results-oriented marketing corporation.

Her funny and entertaining anecdotes about the “behind the scenes” of her life in the medical and business world delight many readers. Her booksHeal Your Pain: How I Use 3 Easy Meditation Steps in 2 Minutes to Reduce Anxiety, Depression, and Other Side Effects of Stress3 Easy Meditations Steps in 2 Minutes for the Busy Executive: How You Can Reclaim Your Personal Life and Emotional Power From The Tight Grip Of Your Joband Coming To America: How To Use The Three Golden Keys Of The Relationship Formula To Fit In, Get Along, And Get Aheadare sold worldwideOn August 25 and 26, you can receive her newest book at no charge from Amazon.

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