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Writers@Work: An Interview with Debut Author Keziah Frost

March 6, 2018


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For today’s tip, I’m thrilled to welcome debut author Keziah Frost to talk about her debut novel, The Reluctant Fortune-Teller.







An Interview with Debut Author Keziah Frost

When I need inspiration to keep writing, I often turn to books and the writers who created them. Reading about how they made their dreams come true gives me hope, courage, and concrete tips! Today, we get an opportunity to learn from Keziah Frost, who is celebrating the release of her first novel today: The Reluctant Fortune-Teller.



Tell us about you: how did you come to write a book?

I have wanted to write novels ever since I was in grade school! My life has taken a winding path toward that goal—much like the path of my protagonist, Norbert, who becomes a fortune-teller at age 73 after retiring from his career as an accountant. All of us have many callings within us, and many opportunities to keep finding out who we are.


Tell us a bit about the book—what spurred you to write this story?

My mother was into astrology, card reading, palmistry, and you-name-it. I grew up learning all of these things. As an adult, I moved away from it. But like most people, while I might say I don’t really believe in such things, I still actually do, in a way. I think it’s very natural for people to seek answers from mystical sources. Life is, in reality, very uncertain, and it is calming to think that maybe “it’s all in the cards.” So I am familiar with fortune-telling and open to the idea of it—to some extent. Then, my daughter said, “What if you wrote a story about a fortune-teller who didn’t believe in the fortunes, and yet the fortunes kept coming true?” That was the seed, right there. After that, it was almost as if the story wrote itself!


Do you have another book in the works?

Always, yes! As I keep writing, I keep discovering who I am as an author. And although I love several genres of fiction, what my writer-self wants to write is joyful, life-affirming novels that explore some deep life issues, while giving the Reader a chance to smile and maybe even laugh. These days, I think we all need a laugh, more than ever before.


You juggle writing and your work as a psychotherapist: how do you stay productive?

Excellent question! It all comes down to one prosaic word: organization. It’s all very well to think of inspiration and talent, but organization doesn’t get the credit it deserves for just getting the job done. There is a saying I heard once in a fitness class: “Decide what you want. Do what it takes.” That saying is perhaps more reflective of resolve than organization, but I think they go hand in hand. Make a reasonable schedule. Make every effort to not deviate from it. Make a plan: word count per day, for example. Decide where in your day that writing time is going to be, and honor it. So, to answer your question, just as I show up for my clients, I show up for my writer-self, with the same preparation and respect.


What are you reading now?

Jane Steele, by Lyndsay Faye. This is for admirers of Jane Eyre, especially, as it is sort of Jane Eyre meets Dexter. The Victorian governess becomes a serial killer, and justifiably so. It’s very funny, and I love witty books. It’s also very well-researched and historically accurate. I’m really enjoying it as an audiobook.



About the author: Keziah Frost holds master’s degrees in English and counseling and is a psychotherapist. She shares her life with five little dogs, one audacious cat, and her encouraging human family. This is her first novel. The Reluctant Fortune-Teller launches on March 6, 2018. Visit her online at: Website: She is on Instagram as Keziah Frost, Facebook, and Twitter: @keziahfrost



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