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#WritersRecommend: Erica Ruth Neubauer

MurderMenaWriting has been truly difficult for me during this pandemic. I find it hard to concentrate for more than short bursts at a time, and so my writing has only been coming in short bursts too. Even my discipline from all those years in the Air Force haven’t helped me there, but I also know that I’m not the only one. This is a time to be kind to ourselves and do what we can. It’s also a time to escape, and my debut novel MURDER AT THE MENA HOUSE was written with exactly that in mind—a fun trip to Egypt in the 1920’s, with a dash of murder. You can find it here:





Anna BlancI am lucky, though, in that I’m still able to read. And what I’ve been reading are things that transport me somewhere else for a while. One of my favorite series is by Jennifer Kincheloe and starts with THE SECRET LIFE OF ANNA BLANC. It’s a delightful romp through early 1900’s Los Angeles. I’m currently reading the third in the series, THE BODY IN GRIFFITH PARK, and the first chapter already had me laughing out loud. These books are just that much fun, but are also incredibly smart and well-researched.


About Erica Ruth Neubauer

Mysteries and crime fiction are my first love, which is one of the reasons I reviewed them for six years before becoming an author myself. I also spent 11 years in the Air Force (active, Guard and Reserves), tried my hand at being a cop (almost 2 years) and a high school English teacher (1 year) and now I’m finally a mystery writer, a place I always wanted to be. You can find my website here: Oh, and I just got my Private Investigator’s license. I’m looking forward to things rebounding so that I can start picking up cases. You can bet they’ll inform my stories later on.


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