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Will You Accomplish Your Writing Goal This Year?

October 26, 2017


Dear Readers,


What are you hoping to accomplish by the end of the year? Maybe you would like to:

+Finish a book that will build your brand and attract clients

+Begin writing your memoir

+Develop a blog

+Submit queries to national periodicals

+Draft a novel


Earlier this week, I decided I had three projects I wanted to finish before the end of the year. Yesterday, I spoke with a writing friend about my plan to work on all three projects in tandem. She gently suggested that it might be better to focus on a single project at a time, finishing one before moving onto the next.













I know that! Heck, I teach that! But in a moment of worry, I forgot one of my core practices. I’m so thankful that my friend told me the truth. Without that conversation, I might have tried to juggle multiple projects—even though I know it doesn’t work!


If you need someone to tell you the truth, hold you accountable to your goals, and provide you with tools to accomplish them—consider joining the Write-A-Thon coaching group.


As both a coach and a client, I’ve discovered the power of working with groups. In an article I wrote last summer, I quoted research by psychology professor Robert Boice who examined the habits of productive and unproductive faculty writers. He found that writers who belonged to peer writing groups received the following benefits:

+Maintained momentum to complete a project

+Produced more work

+Developed more creative ideas

+Improved the quality of their writing

+Identified sources for publication




In each 75-minute coaching session, you will have the opportunity to:

*Share your goal

*Stay accountable to your coach and colleagues

*Learn tools for creating a writing schedule, honoring your writing time, and overcoming writer’s block


Stop by the Write-A-Thon Coaching group page to learn more.




And if you’re still not sure if this is right for you, I have set aside time on Monday and Tuesday to talk more about the group.



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