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Why Write-A-Thon? It’s Your Passion!

Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It) is here. Come to the launch party tonight at 7:00 PM at Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee, WI! Stop back here tomorrow to learn how you can win something just by buying the book!

Why Write-A-Thon? For the past week or so, I’ve been talking about why someone might sign up to do a crazy thing like a writing marathon. We’ve covered all sorts of reasons from needing a deadline to staying out of trouble. Today’s the last and bonus reason for doing a write-a-thon: you get to embrace your passion. Now that’s a great reason to write-a-thon. As Toni Morrison said, If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

A few days ago, I overheard my daughter talking to the dogs. As she put on their leashes for a walk she said, “Are you ready to go to a magical place!” There was something in the way she said ‘magical place’ that hooked my imagination. I almost shouted, “Yes! I want to go to a magical place!

Later, I got to thinking about magical places. No doubt this is why we read and write—we long to travel to magical places, and stories take us there. I certainly experienced that last November as I wrote about the adventures of two nine-year-old girls. When I read and write nonfiction, I get the opportunity to connect with ideas I am passionate about.

As writers, participating in a Write-A-Thon gives you the opportunity to create and connect with your magical place every single day. I can think of nothing better!

Need help planning your Write-A-Thon? Tomorrow at noon central time I am hosting a Write Now! Mastermind call on “Why Write-A-Thon?” I’ll be talking a bit about how write-a-thons work and giving a few words of advice. Then I’ll turn the call over to you. Come prepared to ask questions!


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