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What Would You Give Up to Write? by Rochelle Melander

When I travel, I love reading USA Today. I always discover some little tidbit that gets me thinking. Last August, on the way home from our trip south, it was this question posed by USA Today Snapshots®: What would you give up for a year to fulfill the No. 1 item on your ultimate to-do list? 65% of people said social networking, 56% would give up their cellphone, and 53% would give up time with friends (USA Today Weekend Edition, August 10-12).

How about you? What would you be willing to give up to get the book you are passionate about written this year?

As you consider this question, remember:

+In the USA Today poll, none of the activities listed were frivolous. In order to do the big thing, you might need to give up something you value. It might even be another writing project that’s eating up the time and energy you would like to devote to the writing you are truly passionate about.

+The book you are passionate about writing may not necessarily be the book you think you “should” write—you know, the one that’s most sellable or serious or whatever else it is that people in your world define as good. It might be that novel you keep dreaming about or a cooking blog or some other wild idea that you’ve been entertaining for years.

+This choice does not have to be all or nothing: either I write the book or I spend time with friends. Consider giving up an hour or two of socializing or social networking each week to work on your writing.

Here’s my challenge to you, writers. Take that one project you are passionate about writing and schedule time this week to work on it. Yes, you may have to bump your morning networking meeting or your afternoon time on Pinterest—but so be it. Your passion is calling you. Go for it!

Your turn: What are you giving up to write? Leave your comment below.

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