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Wednesday Writing Prompt: The Want-Ad by Rochelle Melander

file0001537269459In Leaving the Bellweathers by Kristin Clark Venuti, the loyal butler Benway dreams of writing his memoirs and planting a garden in a tropical paradise, far away from the family of seven that torments him with their shenanigans in their lighthouse-turned-home. But wait! He has an out. The oath that holds him in service is nearly up. He’ll have his freedom—once he finds his replacement. So he creates a hilarious want ad for a new butler and posts it in a shop in the city center. (“Lunatic-asylum experience is helpful.”

Try this: Write a want ad for yourself. What annoying jobs do you do that you’d like to hire out? Or write an ad for your character. What does she need a little help with? Have fun with this!

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