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Wednesday Writing Prompt: The Ideal Bookshelf

Last week, I happened upon artist Jane Mount’s Ideal Bookshelf series of paintings and fell in love! I lusted after this print of middle grade books that had already sold out and purchased another bookshelf of childhood favorites for now. I might just commission a painting of my own idea bookshelf. But what would I put on it?

For today’s writing prompt, writers: make a list of your 8-10 essential books. I can hear you in my head saying, “8-10? Seriously?” Yeah, I know. I couldn’t limit myself to 8 or 10 either. Try listing your books in categories:

*List the 8-10 books that got you through childhood and adolescence. In what ways did they help you survive?

*List the 8-1o books that have transformed your life. How did they do that?

*List the 8-10 books you would hide if you lived in a dystopian society than banned or burned books. What makes these books worth saving?

*List the 8-10 books you wish you would have written. Why? What does this tell you about what you need to be writing now?

One more list. Once you’ve done one or more of these lists, create a list of the books you hope to write. If you have already written a few books, list those and ask, “What else do I want to write?”

Your turn. What books are on your shelf? Why?

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