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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Lost and Found by Rochelle Melander

In my neighborhood, folks put their unwanted stuff out by the curb. Because this is a college neighborhood, with students moving in and out, this happens pretty regularly in the summer. Last week, I came across this little Santa while walking the dog. Living in Wisconsin, I am not used to seeing Santa perched on a green lawn. It made me wonder—what was he doing there?

Writing Prompt Set your timer for five minutes. Write about this Santa. What emotions and memories does he bring to mind? What happened that led to him being left by the curb? Is he being tossed out or has he been set here for a greater purpose? What might be the story behind either? Where do you think he will go next? How will he get there? Write about what happens next.

Favorite Book My favorite writing prompt book is The Playful Way to Serious Writing by Roberta Allen. Allen’s book is jam-packed with photos, writing prompts, and creative writing exercises that help me to play with words. It’s a great tool for any writer or writing teacher who wants to promote creative writing.

Your turn. Share your favorite writing prompt!


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