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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Guardian Angels, Princesses, and Ladies

Our Lady of Sighs

Last Saturday, I was out for a walk when I saw a man struggling with an empty poop bag. Somehow, the bag had ripped, and the man was trying to figure out how to make use of it. I happened to have two poop bags in my pocket, left over from a morning walk with my dogs. I offered them to him. He looked at me in surprise and said, “Wow. Thank you. How great to meet the Guardian Angel of Poop Baggies.” I laughed, happy to have helped.

Since then I’ve wondered if giving myself a few titles might change the way I look at my life. On Sunday, I announced to my kids: “The Goddess of Laundry is ready to receive your offerings. Please deliver all dirty clothes to the basement.” They just stared at me, like I might be losing my mind. On Monday afternoon, as I struggled to create a poem to read to my daughter’s class, I put on my crown (PRO TIP: it’s good to have royal costumes around for emergencies) and called myself, The Princess of Word Play. The poem writing went much better after that. Today, I have a full day of editing ahead. I’m thinking it will go better if I can refer to myself as, The Mistress of Letters and Punctuation, as in: The Mistress of Letters and Punctuation requests that you use the serial comma.

Your turn. Create some titles to use throughout the day. Feel free to pass out titles to your spouse, partner, favorite bookseller, children, pets, friends, and barista! (You get bonus points if you use your title with a stranger!) If you are in the sharing mood, let us know what titles you created. If you need help, Wikipedia has an awesome page on titles.

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  1. wOW! This is an excellent idea. My grandson already has an “out there” nana. It just got more interesting. In a related observation, I have decided that all unexplained events are caused by aliens.

    1. writenowcoach

      Love the idea that all unexplained events can be blamed on the aliens. Might have to adopt that belief system myself! 🙂

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