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Tools for Juggling Writing and Work

June 27, 2023

Note From Rochelle

Dear writers,

Hello, hello and happy summer!

I’ve just finished an editing project early (woot!) which means I have room for an editing project or two in July. Reply to this email if you need help sorting out your draft (developmental editing) or polishing your prose (copy editing).We’ll find a time to talk to see if we’re a good fit.

Today I am delighted to welcome my friend and colleague Phil Gerbyshak to the blog to talk about his new book, Zero Dollar Consultancy. I’ve known Phil for many years, and I’ve always admired how he harnesses the wisdom he shares in his speeches and podcast appearances to write his books. You’ll learn a lot from this interview!

Happy Writing!

Tools for Juggling Writing and Work

An Interview with Phil Gerbyshak

by Rochelle Melander

Welcome to the blog! Can you tell us about your new book, Zero Dollar Consultancy?

Who says you have to break the bank to start your consulting business? Zero Dollar Consultancy is the ultimate guidebook that shows you how to launch and grow your consulting gig without putting a dent in your wallet.

Jam-packed with actionable insights and useful apps that cost less than a cup of coffee, this book is a must-have for anyone looking to add consultancy to their practice or ditch their 9-5 and teach others how to do what they do.

Are you frustrated with the constraints of corporate America? Do you dream of working on your own terms, with the freedom to choose your projects and clients? Have you always wanted to start your own business but felt that lack of technical skills and capital were holding you back?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this guide is for you! Zero Dollar Consultancy is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to start and grow their own consultancy business with little or no money.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify your unique skills and niche in the market
  • Tips for finding clients and building your professional network
  • Strategies for setting up your business and managing your finances
  • How to stay motivated and avoid burnout as a new business owner

Don’t let lack of technical skills or capital hold you back from starting your own business. With Zero Dollar Consultancy, you’ll have everything you need to create a successful consultancy business and build the life you’ve always wanted.

What do you think are the three most important steps for someone who wants to start a consulting business?

First, review what work you’ve done before. Is there something you enjoyed that you did really well? Take a skills and work inventory of the past and rate your skills from 1-5. 4s and 5s are the best places to start.

Next, think about who you’ve worked with before. Are you connected with them on social media? Do you still have their emails and phone numbers? Make a list of at least 50 of these people. 

Third, think about who you loved working with – and who loved working with you. This should be another list of people, at least 25, but preferably 50. 

I know you have a morning writing habit and usually are writing several books in process at any given time. Can you talk about your morning habit—what tools do you use to get writing and why does it work for you?

My morning writing routine is to spend 30 minutes thinking about three things (they could be little things, big things, or even people) that I am thankful for, and I focus on why I am thankful for them. I type this up on my phone in the Apple Notes app. No edits – just type. Then some days, I post them to Facebook, and sometimes this carries me off into an article. But this starts my day off in the right frame of mind, and that’s key for me. 

I do almost all my deeper work in Google Docs, usually on phone. I type a few notes in, I capture something, and I leave it for later. Capture first, flesh out second.

I will use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas, to research who said what (I verify anyone that gets quoted, I don’t trust it), and to make sure my writing is consistent in tone and voice. 

It works for me because my phone is always on my person, because I can speak more clearly than I write, and because when I start a day with my thoughts and my writing, my days are far more enjoyable.

How do you juggle multiple writing projects at once? Do you have any tools that help you?

Right now, I have a sales book, a leadership book, and a happiness book in mid-write. Again, many ideas of mine start with a brief note in Apple Notes, or in a physical notebook (usually orange, with an orange Everyman pen). 

I speak much of the content first, either by getting interviewed on a podcast, doing a video, or speaking directly into If needed, I transcribe the content using, and then I flesh them out in Google Docs. I’ll use Grammarly or ChatGPT for my grammar, and then I’ll publish my happiness insights on Substack to (and often to Facebook and Instagram), and my sales and leadership insights to my LinkedIn articles and newsletter at

I use Substack and LinkedIn because they have built in email newsletter features, and that’s where my readers know to find those various insights from me – and because Substack allows me to offer a premium paid option for my writing, but also a free option.

From there, all of these articles and my weekly podcast – the Sales Leadership Show ( – get posted to my personal website at 

What are you reading now?

I skim 3-5 books a week to prepare for the Sales Leadership Show. I do my best to read the books of every guest who comes onto my show. So right now, I’m reading Discover Your Fair Advantage by Sylvie di Giusto (her episode will be released soon), I’m re-reading Unfinished by Christine Lukovich Schindler (her episode was just released) and I just finished Practical Joy by M. Shannon Hernandez (and I’ll be talking with her in July).

About the author

Phil Gerbyshak is not your average business coach. He’s a dynamic and energetic speaker, author, and all-around badass with over 20 years of experience helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Phil’s expertise in sales, marketing, and technology has made him a sought-after consultant and speaker, and his insights and strategies have been featured in numerous publications and media outlets. Find him online at:

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