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The Well-Shod Writer

My Merrell Shoes: l-old pair; r-new pair

Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out. —Iris Murdoch

I’d planned to begin a new series on nonfiction book formats today. My first post on The Project Book is nearly done but not quite ready to publish. So instead I am writing about one of my favorite things—and something every fashionable writer needs to think about—shoes.

As a work-at-home writer in Wisconsin (whose husband likes to keep the house at a brisk 67), I am constantly searching for shoes that keep my feet warm. Several years ago, I happened upon Merrell’s fur-lined clogs. While not stylish, they do two things well: provide great support and keep me warm. And, when I  forget to put on my real shoes before leaving the house—which happens more than I’d like to admit—they don’t look too shabby.

Well, actually my pair is no longer suitable for wearing outside, unless I’m picking up dog poo or taking out the garbage (see left pair above). On Tuesday, when I saw the black leather fur-lined clogs on sale, I snatched up a new pair (see right pair above). My daughter tells me that these shoes will never be fashionable. I guess that’s okay as long as they do their job—support my feet as I pace around the house, trying to imagine the next plot point. Of course, I still need to find a chic pair of shoes to wear in public while I speak, but I will leave that task for a different day. For now, I am just happy to have feet that are no longer numb from the cold.

Your turn: What’s your favorite pair of writing shoes?

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  1. muriel essell

    My shoes come off when I walk through the door.The floor feels good to my feet. Shoeless is how I navigate around the house.

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